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Korina Finds Love In 'Senatoriable'

Korina Finds Love In 'Senatoriable'
January 9, 2004
by: Ethel Ramos

AS proud as Korina Sanchez may be of her numerous accomplish- ments as a TV personality, still, like any ordinary woman, nothing obviously will make her happier than marrying the man she loves.

Now nearing 40 (she admitted her age to Kris Aquino in their ABS-CBN show, "Morning Girls"), Korina is said to be currently playing beautiful music with former Trade and Commerce Secretary Mar Roxas. It is everyone's prediction that she will go all out to support Roxas in his bid for a Senate seat. Korina, no doubt, will be of help to Roxas in amassing votes, what with her following as a TV star.

She has yet to openly admit her rumored romance with Roxas. But from the way she looks on TV, she seems happy with whatever is going on between her and Roxas. She has never looked prettier and more serene. As one observer said: "Iba talaga 'pag may nagmamahal sa iyo at mayroon ka ring minamahal."

It will not surprise people close to Korina if, after her marriage to Mar Roxas, she will be happy just playing the role of a housewife. A homebody, Korina once revealed in an interview that her favorite pastime is keeping charge in her newly built house.

Come to think of it, Korina seems destined to belong to a family who has a Philippine President as one of its members.

She was formerly linked to Tarlac Congressman Noynoy Aquino, whose mom, Cory Aquino, was a former Philippine President.

Mar's grandfather, the late Manuel Roxas, was also once the President of the country.

Mar's dad, Gerry Roxas, was a former senator, while his mom, the former Judy Araneta, is the daughter of the owner of the Araneta Complex, the late Amado Araneta.


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