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The Mar-Korina Guessing Game

The Mar-Korina Guessing Game
The Journal Group
April 27, 2004

SENATORIABLE Mar Roxas continues to be evasive about the issue of his relationship with broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez.

In a recent interview with entertainment writers, the former solon and Trade Secretary succeeded at keeping the writers eternally guessing by not giving direct answers to questions like how his romance with Korina started, how old their partnership has been, and whether or not they plan to tie the knot very soon.

"Hindi natin hawak ang bukas," was all Mar could say regarding the issue of marriage to Korina. Maybe, we thought, he just didn't want to be accused of using the "TV Patrol" and "Morning Girls" anchor for his political ambitions, or he simply wants to earn votes through his own merits.

But then, Mar was generous enough to relate that he and Korina have known each other for years. Their earlier encounters, however, were purely professional - with him acting only as her interviewee.

That had always been their set-up until they chanced upon each other at a National Press Club event about five years ago.

"We were awardees then - I was named Outstanding Congressman while she was Outstanding Broadcaster. That was our first chance to have a conversation not as interviewer and interviewee," recalled the politician, who's turning 47 on May 13.

That night, Mar and Korina learned so much about each other. "Doon ko na-discover na scuba diver pala siya," he said.

But still, nothing serious came out of the chance encounter because, as Mar lamented, "Laging hindi nagtutugma, eh. Minsan pareho kaming may relationship."

A few more years later, he found himself asking Korina for an "ice cream" date. They went to a popular ice cream parlor somewhere in Makati and maybe (we can only guess, remember?) that's when they felt the spark.

"Hanga ako sa kanya. Tunay siyang tao," Mar described his girlfriend. "She's a fighter. She's so curious about life and the world. Puno siya ng intellectual curiosity. She's a very gentle person sa kabila ng katarayan niya. Sa tingin ko that's only her defense mechanism."

Now, on the question of whether or not he'd allow Korina to run for public office herself, Mar confirmed, "She has the qualities - the heart, brains and civic spiritedness. But I would encourage her to do whatever she wants to do."


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