Sunday, June 06, 2004

Mar-Korina Romance Blooms

Mar-Korina Romance Blooms*
By Jude Marfil and Leo Estonilo

Morning Girl goes to Mr. Palengke or is it he who wakes up in her show? Not to overshadow the First Couple's Valentine's Day in Baguio City, senatorial candidate Mar Roxas and TV news anchor Korina Sanchez have their own love tale to tell.

While the President and the First Gentleman first met in the summer capital as teenagers, the paths of Roxas and Sanchez took too many twists and turns that many would doubt they would ever meet at all. The former Trade and Industry secretary met the journalist in the time of the People Power revolution where Sanchez, a neophyte broadcast journalist, was covering Edsa for the revived ABS-CBN. Roxas was then an aspiring financial manager, a technocrat, a scion to the Araneta fortune and named after his grandfather, Manuel Roxas, former president of the Philippines.

Not at first sight

It turned out that Sanchez was first interested in Dinggoy (Gerardo A. Roxas), heir-apparent to the Roxas political stake but would later succumb to illness. Mar eventually had to fill in his brother's shoes.

Very few had sensed Roxas was after Sanchez, and neither was there any inkling that Sanchez was already going steady with Roxas after her reported affair with Paul Aquino turned sour. Paul is a cousin of Noynoy Aquino to whom Sanchez was linked for a while. Equally discreet, Roxas' only publicly known episode was with former Olympian swimmer, Christine Jacobs.

That's it?

Yesterday, the pair helicoptered to Baguio City where Roxas was attending the PMA alumni homecoming.

Their affair became a breakfast fare when Sanchez' co-host, Noynoy's youngest sister Kris Aquino, kept on teasing Sanchez on a certain politician initialled "M" who appeared to be an inspiration. Not to overdo things, Kris was almost tireless in teasing the twowhen Sanchez confirmed something was going on when Roxas guested in Morning Girls.

If there is anything to inspire Roxas and Sanchez to make it good this time, it has to be the example set by the First Couple who first met as youngsters in the city of everlasting blossoms.
With Isah Red

*Original Article posted over at pretty_kriskorina yahoo group by Ate Judith.:)


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