Monday, June 07, 2004

What Mar Roxas Likes About Korina

What Mar Roxas Likes About Korina
April 17, 2004
Dream Factory
Mario E. Bautista

Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas tells us Joyce Jimenez is a good friend of his that's why he was present at the inauguration of her Private Joyce Boutique at SM Manila. Does Korina Sanchez know about this? "Of course, the things I got from Joyce, I sent them all to her afterwards," he says.

So how long has and he Korina been together? "I've known her for about 10 years but it's only 6 years ago when we both became awardees at the National Press Club that we got into a relaxed conversation without her being a media person interviewing me. After that, we'd bump into each other every now and then and at some point, last year to be exact, I just woke up wanting to invite her to an ice cream parlor in Makati and one thing led to another."

What are the qualities of Korina that he likes in her? "I admire her. Tunay siyang tao. She's a fighter, very principled. I like her intellectual curiosity about life and the world in general. Sa kabila ng katarayan niya, she actually has a soft side and is gentle as a person. She's like a rose with thorns that she uses for her defense."


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