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Women As Kingmakers

Women As Kingmakers
The Philippine STAR
April 25, 2004
By Wilson Lee Flores

"One of the things being in politics has taught me is that men are not a reasoned or reasonable sex. In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman." - former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

"Behind every great man, there is a surprised woman." -Maryon Pearson, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson

Who are the scintillating superwomen who will become the First Ladies of the Philippines in 2010 or 2016? Korina Sanchez, Sharon Cuneta Pangilinan, or Kris Aquino? The adage "behind the success of a man is a woman" has not been more real than in our chaotic Philippine politics today. More surprising than the phenomenon of powerful men as "under the saya" is that women in the Philippines are now becoming kingmakers - helping their lovers gain power as never before and in the most breathtaking ways.

Despite the vitriolic complaints of senatorial bet Miriam Defensor Santiago that other candidates like Mar Roxas allegedly violated the 180-minute time limit in radio advertisements with 3,296.30 minutes and that he violated the TV ads limit of 120 minutes with his 188.15 minutes, she failed to point out one more crucial secret weapon of Mar Roxas in surpassing her in recent senatoriable surveys. Actually it is not so secret that TV broadcast celebrity Korina Sanchez has almost single-handedly helped catapult the Wharton-educated and former Wall Street banker from relative obscurity with the masses into a hot rising star in Philippine politics. Have you monitored how many times Korina and her TV or radio programs' co-hosts have been plugging her "suitor" almost daily? Would the equally fiery Korina take up the cudgels for Mar and publicly match the fury of Miriam?

Is the surprising and sudden romance angle linking Korina Sanchez to most-eligible-bachelor Mar Roxas similar to those well-scripted showbiz love teams ideal for public consumption but not for real? Or is this supposed blossoming romance a possible political partnership in the works, in the same tradition as the once unbeatable Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos tandem that was solemnized in a high-profile Malacañang wedding and which subsequently trounced political foes in many elections?

According to another female kingmaker behind Mar Roxas, his wealthy landowning mother July Araneta Roxas, her son is indeed dating Korina Sanchez. She claimed that "the mother is the last to know" about this rumored romance. However, she clarified that this dating between the two famous singles has not grown "that serious yet." If stoking the smoldering rumors of his dating Korina Sanchez is just part of a political strategy for Mar Roxas, then it is a master stroke of propaganda genius.

Whether for showbiz politics or for real, a fully consummated Mar-Korina love team would prove almost unbeatable in politics - combining impeccable political pedigree, wealth, and mass charisma. Perhaps only a Kiko Pangilinan-Sharon Cuneta tandem would be a formidable challenge.

After failing to match Kris Aquino to Mar Roxas in past columns, this writer now offers unsolicited advice to the talented couple to hold a high-profile wedding similar to that of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. We wish them marital bliss and blockbuster political success. Hopefully, Mar and Korina will have the guts and the social conscience to repudiate the nation’s feudal and corrupt politics of the past hundred years dominated by the likes of his Roxas and Araneta forebears, and use their charisma and influence to turn Philippine society upside down with far-reaching reforms!

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