Saturday, July 17, 2004

Quotes From Mar and Korina

From Joanne Ramirez's People Column, Philippine Star (July 8, 2004) :

Joanne Ramirez: Is Korina the jealous type?
Mar Roxas: "She has no reason to be."

From Ann Oriondo's Heart to Heart Column, Philippine Star (July 11, 2004) :

How Korina and Mar's relationship blossomed:
Korina: "A genuine and sincere relationship usually becomes without initial plan or purpose in mind. It just happens after you begin with basic attraction, I think. You just feel, you just know and you just go."

What do Korina and Senator Mar talk about when they are together?
Korina: "(Just) regular stuff, really. Both he and I swim in opinion and debate, from others and of our own everyday. I'm usually done with my quota as early as 10 a.m. after my radio program. By the time we get together I prefer to just laugh at punch lines mostly. And he loves cracking jokes. He's more gregarious than I am although I'm still getting around to being comfortable as I should be by now. Not that he gives me reason not to be comfortable."

* Both articles can be read at the files section of the pretty_kriskorina yahoo group.


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