Saturday, October 30, 2004

Korina's Reaction To Ricky Lo's Oct.29 Column

The Philippine Star
October 30, 2004
By: Ricardo F. Lo

Korina on 'move' to GMA

Here's Korina Sanchez's reaction to yesterday's Funfare item that she's moving to GMA from ABS-CBN:

I read your column today with great interest. I understand that your staff may have thought they saw me in a meeting supposedly with representatives from another station. This is not true. I have not met nor spoken with any representative from any other station. It is regrettable that other stations have been dragged into the matter. I want you to clear up the misinformation.

Truly, it is with pride that I look at my 20 years of work in broadcast journalism. TV Patrol is the culmination of that work which is my pass into the homes of Filipinos wherever they are. My standing as an achor remains very good as per recent surveys and I am more than happy to continue doing TV Patrol.

But, as you understand, it is best to wait for management plans and decisions before anything can be said about the issue.

(I stand by my story. - Ricky Lo)

Miss Korina was reacting to this one:

The Philippine Star
October 29, 2004
By: Ricardo F. Lo


Don't blink now and hold on to the remote control. Otherwise, you might miss the action.

You don't notice it but, without the benefit of a remote control, TV stars have been playing the switching-channels game and they seem to be having lots of fun (yipee!).

A roving Funfare DPA reported that he saw Korina Sanchez in a serious huddle with some GMA bigwigs and they seemed to be talking business. Now, could it be true that Korina, currently queen of ABS-CBN, is planning to, that's it, "switch channels"? It's not impossible, considering the uncertainties of the times.

Funfare did some sleuthing and here's what was unearthed: Luchi Cruz-Valdes, ABS-CBN's vice president for Current Affairs, is planning to take Korina out of TV Patrol and replace her with Karen Davila (who's not really in friendly terms with Korina) and some other "recruits" from GMA. If Luchi indeed has a "soft spot" for GMA "recruits" it shouldn't come as a surprise because she herself is one.

Question: Is Luchi practising "favoritism" at the expense of long-time (read: loyal) ABS-CBN talents?

I heard that Ted Failon is being asked to co-host TV Patrol but he seems "not interested" if he's put in tandem with anybody else but Korina with whom he clicks whether on the small screen or on radio(DZMM's award-winning Tambalang Failon at Sanchez).

Korina and TV Patrol have been so identified with each other that it's hard to imagine one without the other.

If and when Korina leaves ABS-CBN (and I hope that she doesn't), she'll be sorely missed by her followers. ABS-CBN's big loss will certainly be GMA's big win.


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