Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ABS-CBN Announces Promotion Of Korina

November 16, 2004

ABS-CBN President Cito Alejandro announced Tuesday the appointment of popular television news host Korina Sanchez as the network's chief correspondent for local and global operations.

"In this capacity, Ms. Sanchez will be at the helm of covering major local and international events, thereby, taking a pioneering role in Philippine broadcasting," Alejandro said in a statement.

Sanchez will also serve as the company's subject matter expert on government and political affairs.

"The management of ABS-CBN realized that Ms. Sanchez has reached a stature in the broadcast industry that provides her the opportunity to dedicate her expertise and service to the public on a higher level. In recognition of the contributions of Korina to the broadcast industry, ABS-CBN management has decided to assign her a broader role in the network’s thrust to serve not only Filipinos here but globally as well," Alejandro said.

Sanchez will "continue to inform, educate and entertain the Filipino public with her topnotch and widely followed 'Rated K' TV program on ABS-CBN every Sunday as well as her daily morning radio program, 'Tambalang Failon at Sanchez' in DZMM."

Ms Sanchez is a consistent award winner as a producer, commentator and news anchor. Contrary to earlier speculations, it must be stressed that her performance as an anchor is not a material factor in ABS-CBN's decision to adopt the planned program changes in its news and current affairs shows.

In various capacities, Ms. Korina Sanchez has been connected with ABS-CBN for 18 years and with her new roles, she continues to be a valuable member of the network.


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