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The Celebrated Ms. K

Woman Today Magazine
March 2, 2005
By: Maryo B. Labad

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Since her blooming romance with Sen. Mar Roxas was made public, Korina Sanchez has gained more amiable support from her audience and ever-loyal followers. Although she lost the news program, TV Patrol, which was so dear to her, she remained composed and enthusiastic in pursuing other formats. The result of which is the popular Rated K, which is aired every Sunday afternoon.

Here, Korina reveals her plans and other interests for the future...

What about Korina's lovelife?
I'm very happy. Happiness is every moment, not just a constant state of mind. You weigh all the minuses against the pluses and I guess you have a formula to be happy or not.

Is Sen. Mar Roxas the man you want to be with the rest of your life?
That's a tricky question All my relationships were serious, this one included. I had envisioned myself always ending up with my current boyfriend but, as my experiences have taught me, better to be cautious than presumptuous. The rest of my life can be just till tomorrow or till I'm 93. For know, I do like being with Mar. I am happy when I'm with him.

What are his best traits you like most?
He is genuine. He is simple, childlike which is refreshing. He's smart and I learn many things from him. He takes work and responsibility seriously. He is also malambing.

Do you argue a lot?
We hardly argue. I only remember one instance, and it was because we were both very tired. It only lasted about 5 minutes.

How do you feel when people say that you have the making of a First Lady?
My initial reaction to comments like this is a genuine smile. Not because I entertain the illusion, but because it's so sweet to think that people believe Mar has the potentials of being a president. I presume that's the only reason why they say I may become first lady, right?

I worry about this because people might think I'm fanning the thought or that I'm sticking it out with him because these are "Korina's plans." But then, again who cares what they think? With all my roller coaster experiences, life is indeed difficult. And beyond that, life is truly beautiful.

*This is an excerpt from Maryo B. Labad's interview with Korina Sanchez published on the March 2, 2005 issue of Woman Today Magazine. To read the whole article visit Pretty KrisKorina Yahoo Group and look for message # 19630 (special thanks goes out to Geela for typing the whole article).


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