Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Truth About Korina & Sen. Mar

The Philippine Star
March 10, 2005
By: Ricardo F. Lo

Mar-Korina NewsBlog

Is it true that Korina Sanchez and Sen. Mar Roxas have broken up?

That's the intriguing question going the rounds.

Somebody close to the couple told Funfare that, of course, it's not true. "Korina and Mar's romance is as strong as ever," said the Funfare DPA who's close to the Aranetas and the Roxases.

What I know is that Korina is breaking up not with Mar but with... Oops! Sorry but I'm not supposed to, well, "spill the beans" yet. Stay tuned.

In a brief phone chat yesterday, Korina ignored the split-up rumor ("Spread by those envious of Mar and me, I'm sure," said Korina) but kept mum on her pending break-up with...Oops! As I was saying...

Another Funfare DPA said that on March 20, Korina is flying to Las Vegas to do an exclusive interview with Manny Pacquiao after his bout with Mexico's Erik Morales. "And then," said the DPA, "she and Mar will go on a Holy Week holiday somewhere cool and cozy."

There. The Korina-Mar tandem is, ehem, unbreakable, destined to last beyond 2010 when Sen. Mar will run for President. He's "winnable," isn't he?


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