Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Korina: Coming Out and Coming Home (Part 1)

Philippine Star
August 16, 2005
By Joanne Rae M. Ramirez

Unlike other broadcast journalists, Korina does not only report and comment on the news - she is part of the news. Intramurals in her home studio ABS-CBN have given her more than an everyman's fair share of column inches in the papers. And how can one ignore her two-year-old romance with the bright and good-looking Sen. Mar Roxas, which some thought would not last beyond the May 2004 elections?

It is a glowing Korina that televiewers see in her Tonight at ANC show. Is it the glow of a newlywed? Did she and Mar tie the knot during their recent US trip?

No, Korina smiles. There is one picture of Mar in the first floor of her house - on a shelf in the den. It was taken when both were given the "PEOPLE of the Year" award given by PEOPLE Asia magazine, which Korina joined this month as columnist.

"Is marriage in the horizon?" I press.

"Well, maybe," Korina smiles. "Maybe not. Maybe people want to stop on maybe."

*This is an excerpt from Joanne Ramirez's column on Philippine Star published on August 16, 2005. To read the whole article go to the Philippine Star website or visit the Pretty_KrisKorina Yahoo Group.


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