Thursday, August 18, 2005

Korina: Coming Out and Coming Home (Part 2)

The Philippine Star
August 18, 2005
By: Joanne Rae M. Ramirez


Is the kinder, gentler Korina we see now (put a fireplace in her living room and you could almost imagine her quoting from the Bible) a PR offensive in preparation for the greater role she might be playing in the 2010 elections?

"I think it was just coincidental that my evolution as a practitioner and the products that I am presently churning out happen to be something agreeable to most," she declares as she spreads a generous amount of pate on my French bread. "I started Hoy Gising and I never planned that the image of Korina in Hoy Gising would leave such a lasting mark. The fierce and ferocious one, right? But it was the call of the times then, eh. Right after the Edsa revolution, people wanted journalist demi-gods and watchdogs."

So, it's not for the love of Mar and his future that she's mellowed now? But, is there a future with Mar and does she see "love and marriage, horse and carriage," in it?

"We teeter on such topics," she admits, "but mainly because he's such a certified bachelor and I'm such a certified bachelorette, maybe it's too tricky a topic."

The Mar-Korina romance blossomed two years ago, during President Arroyo's state visit to the US. He, as trade secretary, was part of the President's official delegation. Korina, for her part, was covering the visit for ABS-CBN. It was on the last leg of the visit, in New York City, that they had their first date - at the posh Carlyle Hotel.

She admires not just the strength of Mar's character, but also the keenness of "his mind." She loves the way he takes care of her, "He's so manong!" she giggles. She also loves the way he loves her for what she is. When told she seems to be only one of two girlfriends Mar has had who are younger than he is, she adds, "And I seem to be the only one who's petite. And yet when we're together, Mar doesn't want me to wear high heels. He likes me the way I am."

What awaits Korina Sanchez at the end of the day?

"I come home to solace, I come home to someone who loves me for who I am, I come home to serenity, I come home to a connection with God and my parents," she smiles. We drink rose wine to that.

So how would I rate Korina's life thus far? Mar-velous.

It's a rating she deserves.

*This is an excerpt from Joanne Ramirez's column on Philippine Star published on August 18, 2005. To read the whole article go to the Philippine Star website or visit the Pretty_KrisKorina Yahoo Group.


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