Friday, November 02, 2007

Korina and Mar: No Deal All The Way

Korina and Mar: No Deal All The Way


The formidable tandem of broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez and Senator Mar Roxas took on Banker's suitcase game and what could have been the perfect game resulted to a catastrophe.

Playing for the Golden Acres in honor of Senator Mar's grandmother, who recently passed away, the couple chose suitcase no. 15 as their lucky number being Korina's birthday. The first round proved to be an excellent opening round with Korina opening small amount cases. Mar, who was a bit of a jinx at choosing the right case was teased by his girlfriend for picking the sexiest girls instead of taking vibe of the numbers. Banker’s KDOND initial offer was P51,000 which the couple declined.

"Pinagpapawisan ang kili-kili ko dito," Senator Roxas said laughingly at the start of round two. Korina mastered it again by opening low amount briefcases but Mar opened the P2M case and they expected a smaller offer. Turns out Banker was a big fan of Bandila's news anchor and the offer only dropped a thousand pesos for a total of P50,000. This was met by another "No Deal" from the couple, who was heckled by the audience to kiss.

But Korina's lucky streak seemed to have worn out in round 3 when she chose the case held by Charmel. Truly Banker's best friend, she held the P3M in her hands. Mar and Korina though KDOND managed to recover form the Banker's P2,139 by round 6 and were already contemplating on the bait of 175,000. Unfortunately they open the last million amount on the board and it was down hill here on after.

The two decide to fight til the end and their chosen suitcase revealed a measly P10. Korina and Mar promised nevertheless to give P75,000 to their chosen charity whether they win or lose so all’s well that ends well.


Anonymous leahmay said...

it is not how much they won but how much they made as super happy and kilig! my world stopped as i watched them in DOND.

12:48 AM  

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