Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mar & Korina Getting Stronger

Mar & Korina Getting Stronger
Nestor Cuartero
January 16, 2009

ANG MAHAL ko sa buhay’ was how Sen. Mar Roxas introduced Korina Sanchez when he hosted a New Year party for the media at the Araneta mansion in Cubao Monday night.

The veteran news anchor and TV host helped receive the many guests who swarmed the White House’s sprawling lanai where the dinner was held. Mar’s family showed up in full force, including his mother, Judy Araneta Roxas, aunt Baby Araneta Fores, cousins Veana and Gaita Fores.

Korina’s presence in the midst of immediate family members doused off earlier speculations that the Araneta family did not approve of her relationship with the Senator. The TV anchor spent the holidays with Mar and his family in Hong Kong.

Asked pointblank why he’s not marrying Korina just yet, Sen. Mar said it wasn’t that easy as they have such high-profile careers.

‘We have been together for five years. It will happen when we’re less busy with our public lives,’ he said.

Sen. Mar said that while marriage is the only missing link in their relationship, they manage to see each other every day. In an unguarded moment, Sen. Mar was caught calling Korina from a distance, ‘Hon.’

That’s not a short for Honorable.

In a more serious tone, Sen. Mar, reported as one of the presidentiables in 2010, downplayed talks of political ambitions, claiming that the hard times aren’t right for such proclamations. He’d rather focus on his campaign to inform the public that the Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008, of which he was a major supporter, is now in effect.

The act, signed into law by Pres. Arroyo last June 6, 2008, guarantees the availability of cheaper medicines to Filipinos. Roxas said he fought for this bill for 10 years, wrestling with big pharmaceutical companies who refused to lower their prices.

At the moment, cheaper medicines are offered only at Botika ng Bayan outlets. Sen. Mar hopes that through a recent TV commercial of his, people will get to know more about the availability of such medicines. He also called on everyone to spread this bit of good news.


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