Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mar-Korina Wedding "Soon"

Mar-Korina Wedding "Soon"
The Manila Times
By: Efren L. Danao
January 10, 2009

The much-awaited wedding of Sen. Mar Roxas and his girlfriend of five years, ABS-CBN mainstay Korina Sanchez, is looming closer.

“Soon,” Roxas replied without hesitation when asked by Senate reporters about the wedding timetable.

He declined, however, to give a specific date for the wedding. “Only the heart can tell,” he said.

At the same time, he said he would make an important announcement on his political and “personal plans” within the year.

Roxas is expected to be the standard bearer of the Liberal Party, which he also heads, for the 2010 presidential election. He is the only bachelor among the known aspirants for the presidency although he did not discount the possibility of him getting married before the start of the election campaign.

He said he spent the Christmas and New Year with Sanchez and that a number of times, they went abroad together. He also joined her in celebrating her birthday in Hong Kong. When he was asked what they did in Hong Kong, he replied: “We held hands and looked at each other’s eyes.”

Roxas is in his late 40s. While he has remained a bachelor, he has admitted siring a son with a former beauty queen. He is also known to have had a romance with a former athlete who later became a host of a noontime show. He refused to answer questions about another lawmaker who was rumored to have been her former girlfriend.

“I don’t talk about other girls,” he said.

He and Sanchez have already built their “dream house” but he would not say where it is.

He would not say if Sanchez would give up her career in broadcasting once they get married.

“She will do the correct thing,” he said.

There were earlier criticisms that Sanchez was using her radio program to lash at Roxas’ critics and to push for his personal and political advocacies. The senator defended her, saying she has been very professional in her conduct and that he could not tell her what to say and not to say on the air.


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