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It's Pamanhikan Time For Sen. Mar

It's Pamanhikan Time For Sen. Mar
The Philippine Star
By: Ricardo F. Lo
June 13, 2009

“This is it!”

And there’s no turning back.

You can’t blame Sen. Mar Roxas for gushing in an exclusive talk with Funfare about his forthcoming marriage to Korina Sanchez.

“Well, we’re in love,” said Korina, “and there’s no stopping that.”

So tomorrow (June 14) night, the lover boy will do the traditional pamanhikan (asking for the hand in marriage) at Korina’s home in Merville Park, Parañaque City.

The couple’s wedding plans were confirmed by Funfare in a “scoop” in early April. A few days after the story came out, Mar would have confirmed it in a presscon which had to be scrapped in deference to Korina’s dzMM’s Failon at Sanchez co-host Ted Failon whose wife Trina Etong was found dead (a confirmed suicide).

Three weeks later, Mar and Korina guested on Wowowee to finally confirm the Funfare “scoop,” holding hands as they did so, much to the kilig of televiewers who need just that kind of feel-good love story in economically-challenging times like this.

There’s no date for the wedding yet but it will definitely happen before end of this year.

Assured Korina, “We won’t keep it a secret. Mar is a publicly-elected official as the No. 1 Senator in 2004. And my work as a journalist has kept me very much in touch with the masa. I think there are many ways a couple can get married depending on what is most meaningful to them. To Mar and me, it is most meaningful to share our life at this point with everyone we owe our careers to,”

Pamanhikan may be a long-forgotten tradition to many but this pre-wedding tradition remains alive in many parts of the country — many more informal than most. Mar is doing a semi-traditional pamanhikan with his entire family both on the Araneta and Roxas sides by visiting the Sanchez residence.

“This is where my Mom and Dad’s dreams came true, in this Merville home,” said Korina. “My Mom built it with special events like this in mind. They would be truly smiling down from heaven if I held it here in the home I grew up in.”

Korina has three brothers who will join her in tomorrow’s pamanhikan (together with some ninangs that she has already chosen for the wedding) to receive Mar’s family.

To be held late in the afternoon, the pamanhikan will be strictly between the two families. In the evening, Korina’s family and closest friends from high school and college will have dinner during which they will watch the videotape of the Pamanhikan. Natives from Bulacan are invited to showcase a traditional pamanhikan complete with dance, song and, yes, Balagtasan (a poetic exchange expressing the undying love of the man to the woman). Mar will surprise Korina with a harana — Oops! It won’t be a surprise anymore!

“Naku,” laughed Korina, “I don’t know what he has in store but I can’t imagine him wearing a salakot with a guitar in hand. O, baka naman ganoon niya ako kamahal. Hahahaha!”

Inspired by the couple’s appearance on Wowowee, Vehnee Saturno has composed a song titled Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Iyong-Iyo Ako, a vow of love Mar and Korina shared with the public on the show. The song, which may be the couple’s theme song, is set to be performed also at the pamanhikan by choice artists who remain to be named.

Incidentally, it’s Pepito Albert who will design Korina’s wedding gown and Carey Santiago of Cebu the despedida de soltera gown. Patrice Ramos-Diaz will collaborate with Pepito for the entourage.

“It will be Filipino-inspired,” said Korina.


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