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Mar: If I Had My Way, The Wedding Will Be Tomorrow

Mar: If I Had My Way, The Wedding Will Be Tomorrow
The Philippine Star
By: Joanne Rae M. Ramirez
June 30, 2009

Weddings really have a way of upstaging more pressing political issues and easily become more riveting than a Senate inquiry.

Love and fairy tales sell, and when Prince Charles and his 20-year-old bride Lady Diana Spencer wed in 1981, 750 million people on earth watched the ceremony on television. And when Judai and Ryan wed, they sold reams of newsprint and hours of television prime time.

Cameras may be trained on Sen. Mar Roxas II as he denounces Con-Ass and the aborted Dep Ed noodle-feeding program, but cameras are trained on him longer, and the viewer’s attention span is definitely longer, when he’s professing his undying love for Korina Sanchez on national television. That’s how the television audience is wired.

Thus, at last Thursday’s opening of the photo exhibit “Men Who Matter,” of People Asia magazine, people swarmed around Roxas with questions ranging from surveys (He’s upbeat with the surveys) to wedding dates.

“If I had my way, the wedding will be tomorrow,” Mar told Allure assistant editor Büm Tenorio Jr. when the latter asked him about the wedding date.

Later, Mar would tell People Asia publisher Babe Romualdez and this writer that the wedding month is now a toss-up between October, because it is supposedly a lucky month (and Korina’s birth month), and December, which the fashionistas prefer.

“I leave it all up to Korina, because she jokes that after the wedding, all the planning will be left up to me,” Mar laughed.

“I never thought you’d get married, Mar,” Babe teased Mar.

“I never thought I’d get married, either,” answered Mar, adding, “but I’m very happy I decided to.”

* * *

In an exclusive interview with People Asia that will come out in a special edition very soon, Korina told this writer that the wedding ceremony will take place in a big church (the guest list is expected to be long), most probably Baclaran Church in Parañaque, or the Sta. Monica Church in Capiz, Mar’s home province.

“We are choosing a church big enough and symbolic enough of Filipino spirituality. Baclaran Church is a frontrunner because it represents hope, aspiration, faith and answered prayers. It still depends on logistics, though. I’ve just been to Capiz and saw the beautiful facade of the old Sta. Monica Church. How beautiful to get married there. But it’s so inconvenient for most to have to travel. I wouldn’t want guests silently cursing Mar and me because they had to go (laughs). Baka malasin!” Korina said.

“The food and flowers of the wedding and reception will be by Margarita Fores, Mar’s cousin,” Korina told People Asia, which pinned Mar and her for a second cover pictorial in the magazine’s 10-year history. “Other events will have flowers by Biboy Arboleda of Roberto Antonio’s. We’re thinking, all of the best from the different regions of the Philippines — flowers from Davao, lechoneros brought in from Cebu, laing prepared in Bicol, curacahas from Zamboanga, mangoes from Guimaras, fabric from Laguna. It’s pretty exciting!”

The first Mar and Korina issue of People Asia, which hit the stands in July 2004, continues to be the magazine’s all-time bestseller. Both the first and second photo shoots took place at the Araneta compound in Cubao, with the second cover photo taken by Mark Nicdao. The People Asia staff observed that the couple was more relaxed now than in their previous photo shoots (even the solo ones).

Korina also revealed that her gown, by long-time friend Pepito Albert, will definitely be “simple, simple.”

“Pepito keeps saying, ‘Korina, I do not want you to look like you’re dying to get married. Simple, simple... you are not in your twenties, for Pete’s sake’!”

Both Mar and Korina hope to be blessed with a child.

“ I love children,” Mar says. “My son Paolo is my best friend.”

In fact when I asked him what he thought his greatest accomplishment is, Mar answered, “My son.” Paolo, 15, is said to be a well-adjusted, straight-A student.

And where will the couple live after their wedding?

“In Cubao,” answered Mar, who has his own house in the sprawling Araneta compound in Cubao. “Then we’ll probably build a house later.”


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