Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pepito Albert To Do Korina Sanchez’s Gown

Pepito Albert To Do Korina Sanchez’s Gown
Philippine Daily Inquire
Without Batting An Eyelash
By: Maurice Arcache

July 14, 2009
The clan: Oxie Roxas, Sen. Mar Roxas, Korina Sanchez, Nene Araneta and Eddie Baluyut; (seated) Stella Marquez Araneta, Baby Araneta Fores, Judy Araneta, Ruby Roxas, Letty Baluyut and Rosa Rosal
We still didn’t get the wedding date of Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez and where it will take place, palanggas. But it’s the country’s master couturier, the multifaceted, talented and artistic Pepito Albert who will do the wedding gown.

The wedding’s theme will definitely be ’40s to ’50s retro Filipiniana.

The entourage will be done by Patrice Ramos Diaz, while the wedding coordinators are the in-demand Bridesmaids Inc., headed by Marichelle Ligon and Rachel Climent; shoes by the genius Cesar Gaupo; and flowers by Margarita Araneta Fores.

We have all read and seen the engagement party of Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez, lovers of the year.

What was not known was there was another pamamanhikan.

It happened on June 7 at Korina’s home in Merville Park, Parañaque City.

(Because of the stormy weather, it was postponed earlier for “the stars and moon were not visible,” as Korina put it).

“This is where my mom and dad’s dreams came true, in this Merville home,” said Korina. “My mom built it with special events like this in mind. They would be truly smiling down from heaven if I held it here in the home I grew up in.”

Mar’s entire family, both from the Araneta and Roxas clans, including Stella Araneta and Rosa Rosal, went to Korina’s home late in the afternoon. In the presence of Korina’s three brothers and some ninangs (godmothers), Mar asked her to marry him.

“This is it!” gushed the senator from the island of Panay. “Well, we’re in love,” said Korina, “and there’s no stopping that.”
The Roxases meet the Sanchezes.
Natives from Bulacan showcased a traditional pamamanhikan, complete with dance, song and balagtasan while Mar serenaded Korina. A group of singers performed a Vehnee Saturno song titled “Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Iyong-Iyo Ako.”

“Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I am for you, forever” is Korina’s statement to Mar when they announced their engagement in “Wowowee.”

In the evening, Korina’s family and close pals from high school and college had dinner while watching the “Pamamanhikan” videotape.


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