Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mar, Korina Reveal 'Ninongs, Ninangs'

Mar, Korina Reveal 'Ninongs, Ninangs'
By: NiƱa Corpuz
October 20, 2009

MANILA - The Philippines' chief justice, prominent civic leaders, and ABS-CBN's chief executive officer (CEO) will be among the "ninongs and ninangs" or godparents at Sen. Manuel "Mar" Roxas II and Korina Sanchez's wedding.

The high-profile couple's "ninongs" are Chief Justice Reynato Puno, ABS-CBN Chairman Eugenio "Gabby" Lopez III, former Senate President Jovito Salonga, and Roxas's running mate for the 2010 elections, Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

Aquino III, who is running for President next year, used to date Sanchez.

"Ninangs" for the wedding include actress Rosa Rosal; broadcast journalist Cheche Lazaro; Helen Costales, who is the best friend of Sanchez's mother; as well as Baby Fores and Ruby Roxas, both aunts of the groom.

Rosal has been a long-time advocate of blood donation for the Philippine National Red Cross, for which she has received various awards.

She reportedly turned emotional when asked about the upcoming wedding, and vowed she would "pray for the couple as long as she lives."

After his loss in the presidential elections in 1992, Salonga became an anti-corruption crusader and an advocate of reforms in the judiciary.

Chief Justice Puno recently waged a campaign for a moral force that would help elect clean and honest candidates in the May 2010 polls.


According to the Philippine Wedding website, 'ninongs' and 'ninangs' are "expected to serve as the couple's second parents or counselors especially when the newlyweds' parents are no longer there to guide them."

The page also cites Bride's Maids and Co's Veil as stating that the social status of the wedding is dictated by its line-up of principal sponsors.

"Hence, it is not surprising that prominent personalities are often asked to be a ninong or ninang", the page adds.

Church policy requires at least a pair of sponsors or witnesses and a maximum of 6.

'The faster, the better'

The bride and groom are reportedly feeling relaxed, even if their wedding is just 7 days away.

The couple plan to wed on October 27 at the Sto. Domingo Church in Manila.

Roxas told ABS-CBN News that they don't need to feel pressured because he and Sanchez "are no longer in high school," and they have been together for a while. "The faster, the better," he said.

The couple chose not to hold a grand reception at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, but instead donated money to typhoon victims.

Sanchez said that the wedding mass is more important than the reception. However, the couple will hold a small "meet and greet" at the church courtyard, where refreshments will be served after the wedding ceremony.


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