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Piña Bridal Gown For Korina

Piña Bridal Gown For Korina
Philippine Daily Inquirer
By: Larry Leviste, Philip Tubeza
October 27, 2009

MANILA, Philippines—As they walk down the aisle Tuesday afternoon at three, the groom will be cool and looking forward to a honeymoon even in the heating-up campaign season, and the bride will cut a sexy silhouette in a mermaid-style Filipiniana gown with a five-meter cathedral train.

And deviating from the norm, the bride will wear no veil.

Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, the Liberal Party vice presidential candidate, will marry TV broadcaster Korina Sanchez at Catholic rites on Tuesday at Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City.

About 3,000 guests are expected to pack the vast church, which has been heavily barricaded as early as Sunday.

“Sa totoo lang, e talagang buong-buo ang loob ko at isang tulog na lang mapopormal na ang aming ‘pag-iisang dibdib (Truth is, I’m all set to formalize our union),” Roxas said. “We’ll go on honeymoon and enjoy ourselves before we go back to work.”


Sanchez will wear a serpentina-style gown by Pepito Albert, one of Manila’s most talented yet low-profile designers.

It is made of yards of hand-embroidered piña, which Albert also designed. Flowing vines, leaves, curlicues and tiny flowers are traced in discreet flat sequins for sparkle.

The gown is empire-cut, with gently draped bust line, with panels that hew close to the body but gently flaring at the knee to flow into a mermaid tail.

The five-meter cathedral train is gathered at her lower hips, also hand-embroidered with fine beadwork.

It will be strapless, with a very small modern panuelo.

Loose French twist

The bride’s hair will be swept up like a loose French twist, adorned with a golden paineta (decorative comb).

Several small brooches on her wedding dress were made from components of her late mother’s gold tambourine necklaces. Some were fashioned into gold earrings—the only jewelry Sanchez will wear.

“Then we decided, it didn’t need a wedding veil,” Albert said. This nontraditional detail was considered so that the line from head to toe will have a faultless flow.

Sanchez will carry a cascading bouquet by Roxas’ cousin, Margarita Fores, consisting of camias, dahlias and sampaguitas. Her bridal shoes were designed by Cesar Gaupo, made also of ecru piña with gold tambourine buckle. Robbie Pinera will do the bride’s makeup.

Sanchez’s three brothers, who will give her away, will be in stylized barong by Randy Ortiz, who is also doing Roxas’ barong.

Father’s inspiration

True to the Filipiniana motif, Roxas will wear an organza camisa chino under the piña barong. It has the tiny geometric embroidery on the front inspired by the 1950s barong favored by his father, the late Sen. Gerry Roxas.

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the LP presidential candidate and one of the principal sponsors, declined to give an advice to the betrothed couple, saying that their relationship is fine.

“I think they have no problems. They’re doing the right thing and [today] will mark a beginning. I think [an unsolicited] advice is unnecessary because they’re doing OK,” he said.

Roxas said he and Sanchez decided to choose Aquino because the senator’s mother, former President Corazon Aquino, who died on Aug. 1, was one of their original sponsors.

“And it’s also good since he’s going to be my boss once he becomes president,” Roxas added.

Ninong Noynoy

Aquino said he was making an exception when he accepted the offer to become one of the wedding sponsors. He explained there was a belief among Filipinos that single men who agree to be a wedding sponsor would have a hard time getting married.

“But I also want to get married,” Aquino said.

“I just couldn’t say no to Mar, but I don’t really accept offers to become a wedding sponsor because I also want to be married,” he said, while jesting that it would feel awkward hearing Korina and Mar addressing him as “ninong”

“It feels like 10 years was added to your age.” Aquino again joked. “[Today], I will follow in his footsteps because I’m a sponsor and Mar will walk [down the aisle] first.”


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