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Korina Sanchez Keeps Cool About ‘Insertion’ Issue

Korina Sanchez Keeps Cool About ‘Insertion’ Issue
Manila Bulletin
By : Alex Valentin Brosas
January 28, 2010

Broadcaster Korina Sanchez is unperturbed by the brouhaha that was raised in the Senate recently, specifically regarding Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr.’s "insertion" comment, which freaked out her husband, Sen. Mar Roxas.

Pimentel was said to have made what many deemed as an inappropriate joke alluding to Mar’s marriage to Korina during Monday’s Senate plenary session on the C-5 controversy.

In a press huddle sponsored by Regal Matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde held at the Imperial Palace Jan. 27, the usually feisty broadcaster was cool as a cucumber.

Asked for her reaction about the controversial “insertion” imbroglio, the wife of Sen. Roxas simply retorted: “There came a point where I told Mar that I really wanted to be detached from politics. Because a big part of me is detached, I think it’s healthier that way even for both of us. “And I think it’s better for him that I’m detached…kung hindi baka ako 'yong sumugod sa Senado. "I also don’t feel as affected as probably people think that I am. So when people don’t want to apologize, it also doesn’t really affect me that much,” Korina stated.
“As Mar always tells me, kapag mayroong asungot sa buhay, he always tells me, 'You know you should relax because it’s really more a reflection of other people's [attitude] than yours. So, tama siya, ‘di ba? I mean, life is short. Bakit mo bubuwisitin ang sarili mo?”

She prides herself that she got a fighter of a husband in Mar.

“Meron akong knight in shining armor. Gano’n pala ang feeling ng api. Paminsan-minsan, okay rin pala ang api dahil meron nang nakikipagboksing [para sa akin]. Feeling ko ako si Dang Cecilio—o si Susan Roces pala—at siya si FPJ. It doesn’t really matter what [people] think as long as my honey is with me.”

With the campaign period about to come, what is her role in her husband’s bid for the vice presidency?

“Alam mo sa isang kampanya, ito ang isang bagay na natutunan ko: Maraming matalino at saka hindi puwedeng ipilit mo ang sarili mo. Sabi ko kay Mar, maganda siguro na I take a step back. Pagkatapos ko na makita ang plano ng grupo, kung saan n’yo ako kakailanganin, pupunta ako diyan. Pero, kung hindi naman nila ako uutusan, eh, bakit naman ipagpipilitan ko ang sarili ko. "Pero alam n’yo lahat naman kasi naka-align sa strategy. Hindi ka puwedeng gumawa ng sarili mong gimik nang wala rin naman suporta ng grupo. That’s one thing I learned about being a team player,” she explained.

Entertainment writers were curious about Sen. Roxas' plans for the movie industry. Here's what the popular VP-candidate has to say.

“Sa showbiz, sa entertainment, isang industriya ‘yan na sikat na sikat ang mga Pilipino. I think it’s a challenge for the entertainment or showbiz industry sa Pilipinas kung paano makahanap ng paraan para ang merkado na binebentahan niya ay lumaki hindi lang para sa Pilipinas lamang. It can extend to a market beyond,” he said.

“Paano uunlad ang industriya kung ang pagbebentahan lamang ay ang mahihirap na Pilipino? On the other hand, we can expand and extend the market to Asia, to the world; then we will have a bigger market. The same talent, the same effort can be valued with so much more. "Kung tayong mga Pilipino ay naa-appreciate ang produktong Koreano, puwede naman kasi na ang produkto natin ay maibenta natin sa kanila o sa iba pang mga bansa because the storylines are the same – boy meets girl, boy and girl get together, boy and girl fall out of love, hero falls in a hole.
“Ang point ko lang is to find a mechanism to be able to sell products beyond just the Philippines. I think if we’re able to do that in [Filipino] cinema, it would be so much more.”


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