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Mar Roxas Now Officially A Regal Baby!

Mar Roxas Now Officially A Regal Baby!
Manila Bulletin
Celebrity World
By : Crispina Martinez-Belen
January 29, 2010

They exude an aura of perfect bliss – that’s how they appeared when they arrived Wednesday at the dinner presscon hosted by Mother Lily at the Imperial Palace Suites. Sen. Mar Roxas (who presscon host and colleague Ricky Lo said is now officially a Regal Baby!) and his wife Korina, to say the least, were the epitome of a husband and wife who honor each other in every way they act or converse.

In the on-going political campaign, Korina said: “I step aside, I don’t make myself noticeable. I only do or participate in a way that Sen. Roxas would ask me to do.”

Asked what is her reaction or comment to the “insertion joke” of Sen. Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr., Korina said: “I was not affected at all! I didn’t feel offended. The apology has also no effect on me. What Sen. Pimentel said does not really matter. I just relax.”

As one of the country’s top broadcasters, Korina was used to meeting deadlines hour-on-the-hour. “Since I got married, I have to make a lot of adjustments. Without meeting any deadline now, I feel there was a vacuum in my life, and my body seems to yearn for those hectic schedules. Now I can drink my coffee leisurely in the morning, and I can even wake up late.”

Mother Lily opened the presscon by saying, with an apology to Korina, “that it was love at first sight for me and Mar Roxas.”

Mother Lily explained, “When I first met the young Mar, he readily impressed me with his candid charm and brilliant mind. I know he comes from a reputable family. Both the Aranetas and the Roxases are highly regarded clans.”

Mar’s father, Gerry Roxas was a respected senator, while grandfather, Manuel A. Roxas, was the country’s first president.

Mother Lily added: “I am very happy that Mar is continuing the legacy of his dad and lolo to serve the country. From the time Mar became a congressman, I never doubted his ability to lead and his genuine desire to serve the people.”

Mar’s uncle, George Araneta, is the wedding godfather of Mother Lily’s son Dondon.

“I did not think twice about supporting Mar because I believe in his ideals, his decisions, his vision. He committed himself to education, trade and industry, consumer welfare, the media, giving jobs to the unemployed and many more. “I trust Mar to also continue supporting local showbiz, so we can uplift the status of Philippine entertainment industry."

In response, Mar vowed not to disappoint Mother Lily! Mar, as everyone knows, is running for the vice presidency of the country, with Noynoy Aquino as the presidential standard bearer for the Liberal Party.

On the local movie industry, Sen. Roxas observed that the only remaining semblance of the industry is the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. Otherwise, the local movie industry is practically non-existent already.

“I don’t promise I can solve the ailments of the local movie industry,” Sen. Roxas stressed. “But there are still some measures that can be undertaken to promote and develop further the local movie industry. A delivery mechanism must be developed.”

He observed that the marketing of local films are still within the country, as it was in the past years or decades. The marketability of local films must be doubled, tripled, or through a delivery mechanism that a movie can be sold several times over.

A Tagalog movie is only sold to Tagalog audiences, because it is produced with Tagalog as its sound track. “But when it is dubbed into or with subtitles in other languages or dialects, the market for that particular movie is doubled or multiplied,” Sen. Roxas said.

Korean telenovelas, dubbed in Tagalog, have been long being shown in the Philippines. But why not also dubbed in Korean our telenovelas or movies? He asked.

Sen. Roxas expressed belief that a mechanism of delivery is one great factor that will sell our movies abroad – in fact – in the entire world, so to speak.


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