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Mother Lily For Mar Roxas: Tuloy Ang Laban!

Mother Lily For Mar Roxas: Tuloy Ang Laban!
The Philippine Star
By : Ricardo F. Lo
January 29, 2010

Regal Matriarch Mother Lily hosted a dinner-presscon for Sen./Vice Presidentiable Mar Roxas with the movie writers Wednesday night at the function room of her Imperial Palace Suites. Accompanied by brand-new wife Korina Sanchez, Mar was relaxed and engaging (read: showbiz na showbiz) unlike a few days earlier at the Senate when he lost his cool when a senior colleague showed bad manners by “inserting” malicious remarks against Mar. The offender promptly apologized in the form of a prayer — to Mar but not to Korina.

“Just the same,” said Korina, “I forgive him. Who am I naman not to forgive him?”

It is believed that those endorsed by Mother Lily finish winners 99 percent.

Here’s Mother Lily’s welcome speech which Mar said he would keep as a treasured souvenir after asking Mother Lily to autograph it:

Good evening, everyone. Thank you for coming tonight. I’m sure, Korina will not take this against me, but believe it or not, it was love at first sight for me with Mar Roxas.

When I first met Mar when he was still younger, he readily impressed me with his candid charm and brilliant mind. I know he comes from a reputable family. Both the Aranetas and the Roxases are highly regarded clans.

Mar’s father, Gerry Roxas, was a respected senator, while his grandfather, Manuel A. Roxas, was our first president, one of the most loved and best remembered. Their distinguished public service careers have greatly benefited our country.

I am very happy that Mar is continuing the legacy of his dad and lolo to serve the country. From the time Mar became a congressman, I never doubted his ability to lead and his genuine desire to serve the people.

I’ve followed Mar’s remarkable achievements through the years and I am convinced that the 20 million votes he got when he ran for senator were definitely not put to waste. He deserved every vote he got.

The people elected a fair, honest and selfless man to the Senate. I am confident they will again trust him with their votes, this time for him to become vice president. As Mar often said, he will not betray the trust of the people. I know he won’t.

I did not think twice about supporting Mar because I believe in his ideals, his decisions, his vision. He committed himself to education, trade and industry, consumer welfare, the media, giving jobs to the unemployed and many more.

I am aware that Mar has made personal sacrifices and commitments just to serve the country and improve the lives of Filipinos. Putting country above self, he continues what his lolo had taught him. He listens to the voices of the people, focuses on the pressing concerns and addresses the problems.

Even if he came from a wealthy family, Mar made sure there was no gap between him and the common people. That is one of his traits that I admire most.

I trust Mar to also continue supporting local showbiz, so we can uplift the status of Philippine entertainment industry.

I am proud to support Mar because I believe that he is a brilliant politician and a hardworking public servant. Together with Noynoy Aquino as president, I know they are out to make a difference for a clean, good and honest government.

I don’t expect Mar to do a miracle for our country. But I am sure he can effect change when he becomes the vice president to give us a brighter future. After all, he has the courage and competence to really become a national leader.

So let’s all support and vote for Mar. Tuloy ang laban!


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I'm happy for this latest development. I hope that the tandem of Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas will come out victorious this coming May 2010 elections.

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