Wednesday, May 05, 2010


By : Vivian Sarabia

I am an active follower of Facebook and Twitter and also like going to concerts. It so happened that day my friends and I watched the Tears for Fears Concert at Araneta Coliseum. It was a great concert and everyone enjoyed. The place was jampacked and old friends and batchmates from the 80's and 90's saw each other again, really memorable. I was totally shocked later that night to read the twitter of TJ Manotoc of ABS-CBN saying that Korina Sanchez-Roxas was booed at the concert for "flashing a Laban sign" as if she was using the event to campaign for the Liberal Party.

Korina is a longtime friend of mine although I wasn't with her group that night. I myself witnessed what happened or didn't happen that night. I must say that what has now become such a lie or a cruel exaggeration should be corrected! I should have done this earlier!

I called Korina to tell her to answer back the tweets and other viral poison going around about her that I know for a fact isn't true. Korina said that she doesn't tweet and hasn't really read any of the Facebook comments because she was too busy for her husband's campaign on the last week before the elections. Korina said she would answer in due time and that "the truth always finds a way to come out, pabayaan mo yan" was what she said.

That's Korina. But as her friend I told her that I cannot wait any longer and asked her permission if I could write my account of what really happened in my Facebook. She gave me her go-signal. And THIS, my friends, is the TRUTH.

I BUMPED INTO KORINA AT THE LOBBY OF THE GREEN GATE OF ARANETA COLISEUM SUNDAY NIGHT AND WE WERE BOTH EXCITED TO WATCH ONE OF OUR FAVORITE BANDS. Korina was in the company of a really big group, maybe 30 people, all wearing blue. They just came in from a campaign rally and I honestly thought it was so cute that there would be a Mar Roxas contingent in the audience. More than that I was happy to see these hardworking people have fun for a change. Especially Korina. She has hardly any time for herself but she made time to watch this particular show.

By the end of the show, the band gave in to a call for an encore song. By this time and as soon as the band came back on stage everyone was cheering so loudly and applauding, dancing at the same that time. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to see what anyone was doing --- such as flashing an L-sign for the whole coliseum to see! But, yes, I did see Korina and her group having fun dancing while flashing their beloved L-sign TO EACH OTHER. I even saw some people flashing the V-sign (for Villar) while dancing but, definitely all done in good fun. Korina DID NOT GO ON STAGE nor did she face the crowd to flash a sign as if campaigning! They were just dancing and having fun! Everyone has a right to dance the way they want, wear what they want in a concert.

THE PROBLEM WAS THIS. Korina was not aware that, being in front row and not able to see, she was focused by a roving camera and was being shown in the big screens on both sides of the stage! I know she was oblivious to it because I kept trying to catch her attention to tell her she was on the big screen but then she was just dancing while looking at the performers.

The tweet of TJ Manotoc said that Korina was booed. NONE OF US HEARD ANY BOOING. Many of my other friends were all over the coliseum and they did not hear it either. Maybe there really was a group that booed. Maybe those who tweeted heard themselves booing. But, PLEASE. It was definitely NOT as big group as they make it look like. ABS-CBN On-Line even reported "tens of thousands reportedly booed Korina". How is this even possible? Reporters should be more responsible. There was no side of Korina in that story, and with no byline. No one from Korina's group heard this alleged booing either, according to Korina whom I talked to the day after.

A few things to clarify: 1. There is nothing wrong with wearing what you want to a concert. 2. The way you dance and how you dance is your own business and no one else's (except if you are running naked or hurting someone else) 3. There is nothing wrong with dancing while having your hands in an L-sign, You are JUST DANCING. 4. Korina nor her group were minding their own happy business among themselves. They WERE NOT CAMPAIGNING. 5. While I agree it is not right to use entertainment venues for partisan campaigning it is NOT KORINA'S FAULT SHE WAS SINGULARLY FOCUSED BY A CAMERA AND SHOWN IN THE BIG SCREENS. They did not ask permission nor did Korina know she was on it.

Of course, political opponents have already taken advantage and have obviously padded all negative reactions in the various fora --- thanks to the exaggeration of irresponsible people.

My last word: I really hope you don't mind my saying. Many were reckless, unfair, irresponsible and quick to judge. Fortunately, Korina is a lady. Not a million tweets or FB entries can make a lie the truth. It will take more than these to bring down a class act.

GO, Korina!

Dr. Vivian Sarabia

Special thanks to Dr. Vivian Sarabia for letting the Newsblog post this note.


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