Sunday, July 25, 2010

Korina Returns To News, Plans Having A Baby

Korina Returns To News, Plans Having A Baby
Manila Bulletin
By : Walden Sadiri
July 24, 2010

Korina Sanchez has announced she’s ready for comeback.

During the opening of Sarabia Optical’s first Contact Lens Hub in SM Megamall last Wednesday, Korina told media she missed her job with the News and Public Affairs of ABS-CBN and DZMM Radio. At the same event, Korina said she was already in talks with the network’s bosses to discuss what’s available for her.

“What’s next for me depends on ABS-CBN management. Now that Mar is just a private citizen, I don’t see any reason I can’t go back to my former platform. It will depend on the network’s sensitivity with the recent election. If there’s still a hangover from the campaign and they would like to take more time, it’s fine with me. I will always be with them,” she explained.

Until Korina reveals her and management’s plans for her, all else remains speculation. One of the unconfirmed reports said that she would be paired with former Vice President Noli “Kabayan” de Castro in an early morning radio show.

“I heard about that and I’ll be glad to work with him. Kabayan was actually my first co-anchor and it was because of him that I became eloquent with my Tagalog. I’m happy that he returned to radio because it has been a long time since we heard his voice in the morning,” she said.

What is certain is that Korina’s “Rated K” TV show will continue. She is grateful that the Kapamilya network didn’t axe the show during the campaign season of this year’s elections.

“I was very sure that everything I did in that show had nothing to do with Mar or politics. I was very careful. In fact I took a leave of more than a year before elections. Which I think no one can complain about me anymore,” she added.

After more than a year in hiatus from broadcast journalism, how’s married life treating her? “I’m very happy. There’s emotional stability, emotional security and I think it was the right time for us to settle down. We don’t fight about petty things and I strongly recommend that you get married when you’re 40 years old and above,” smiled Korina.

As to having a baby, Korina revealed that her OB-gyne is urging them to hurry up. “I have kept myself healthy for the time that I’ll be ready to have a child. And it will be sooner than later!”


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