Monday, February 28, 2011

Korina and Mar Still Together

Korina and Mar Still Together
Mr. Showbiz
February 25, 2011

Friends of Korina Sanchez are up in arms denying that their friend and her husband Mar Roxas are separating already.

"It is not true," one of the close friends said. "They are still very much together. Both are busy with their respective workloads but no, they are not leading separate lives. Both know where the other is when they are not together," they vehemently said.

When asked where these separation rumors all come from, the source explained, "It is because Korina was never really accepted by the society people because of the nature of her work to begin with. That is why it is easy to spread rumors against her within that sosyal circle."

But wait, the friend also has another theory where the rumors have been originating. "We are also thinking that this newscaster, who has a long-time axe to grind against Korina, must be the one spreading the rumors against her. You see she hates Korina and she is close to the society people. She could be the source," the friend told us.


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