Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucky To Have Mar

Lucky To Have Mar
Philippine Daily Inquirer
February 20, 2011
By : Dolly Anne Carvajal

Korina Sanchez-Roxas is bewildered by rumors that she and Mar have split up because of a third party.

“I don’t know why they insist on this story,” she says. “Nothing could be more absurd. Maybe miserable people want to believe others are as miserable.”

They have weathered many storms together. The power couple have come this far. No amount of intrigue could come between them now.

“My relationship with Mar [has become] deeper, more nourishing and happier,” she insists. “I trust him and am still very much in love with him. If only I could freeze-frame my life right now that I have more of him. Swerte ako kay Mar! He is such a good man.”

Korina and Mar will stay together for better or for worse and for good. They will stick to their vows and never take a bow from their marriage.


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