Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Korina Sanchez: ‘Mar and I are still together‘

Korina Sanchez: ‘Mar and I are still together‘
Digital Inquirer
By : Mark James Racadio
July 11, 2011

Incumbent DoTC Secretary Mar Roxas and Veteran News Anchor Korina Sanchez were now being the ‘apple of the eye’ of intrigues as they face again mean rumors from their detractors.

Recent reports were alleging that Mar and Korina’s marriage went off track and now living separately.

In an interview with Korina in ABS-CBN’s talk show ‘Showbiz News Ngayon’, she shrugged off the rumors and asserted that they’re happily living together, in-love as always. She also disclosed the fact that it’s not the first time they encountered this kind of gossip and believes that someone is like doing a campaign against them.

“Pag hindi nila kami nakikita, hiwalay na daw kami. Nu’ng nakita na kami, nagpapanggap lang daw kami. Sabi ko, ibang klase ‘to. Hindi na tsismis ito, kampanya na ito ng paninira,” she said.

Korina also disproved reports that Mar has another ‘girl’ and said that they’re not taking it seriously and instead make fun and jokes out of it.

Mar (54) and Korina (46) were married for about two years and are planning to have baby but believes the process will not be that easy because of their age.

“I’ve been talking to my OB-gynecologist again. I’m sure mahihirapan na ako but I believe that God believes in me. I’ve been such a good girl, I’m sure yan ang kanyang regalo sa lahat ng sakripisyo sa buhay ko na bibigyan niya ako ng isang anak,” Sanchez said.


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