Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Korina Sanchez Pregnant?

Is Korina Sanchez Pregnant?
Philippine Daily Inquirer
By: Maila Ager
October 12, 2011

MANILA, Philippines—It was probably the toughest question that caught Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas II speechless during his confirmation hearing at the Commission on Appointments on Wednesday.

“I have one very significant question to ask and I’d like to remind the appointee that he’s under oath,” said Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson.

“Here’s my question, totoo po bang nagdadalantao si Korina? (is it true that Korina is pregnant?),” Lacson asked, referring to Roxas’ wife and popular TV personality, Korina Sanchez.

Those in the room burst into laughter. It took a few seconds before Roxas could react to Lacson’s story.

And when he was about to respond, Lacson said, “Never mind, Sir. Never mind.”

It was the only question raised before Roxas’ appointment was unanimously approved by the Commission’s committee on transportation and communication.

Roxas and Sanchez married in a grandiose wedding ceremony at the Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City on October 27, 2009.


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