Monday, April 09, 2012

What's The One Thing You're Happy You Did In Your Life?

What's The One Thing You're Happy You Did In Your Life?
The Philippine Star
By : Mons Romulo
April 01, 2012

Korina Sanchez, broadcast journalist

I am mostly pleased looking back and knowing I’ve made quite a number of decisions that may have seemed such a risk at the time but turned out to be some of my best life choices. It wasn’t something my parents were particularly ecstatic about when I decided I was bored with college and suddenly stopped school just a year before graduation. I took a crash course in newscasting and radio announcing with Eddie Ilarde’s and Bobby Ledesma’s group. And then I applied with a few TV stations — landed a position at the bottom of the food chain — an editorial assistant, cutting up carbon paper and sitting by the news wire machines... sometimes volunteering to make coffee for the anchors. I worked very hard but thought it was the best job in the world.

I later went back to school while I was doing work as weather girl for the primetime newscast in MBS Channel 4 and finished college. Looking back, if I didn’t trust my instincts and refused to follow my heart, that window might not have been there and I might have been the last in a very long queue for such an opportunity. Being an undergrad, I was the youngest at the office taking it all in and learning from some of the best people in the industry so willing to teach me how it’s done.


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