Friday, July 13, 2007

Mar and Korina in New York

Mar-Korina Photo
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July 4, 2007

Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez in New York City.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mar and Korina US-bound

The Philippine Star
June 30, 2007
By Ricardo F. Lo

Anytime now, Korina Sanchez will disappear from the late-night ABS-CBN newscast Bandila and from her DZMM program Failon at Sanchez with Ted Failon. No, it won't be for good but only for two weeks.

A Funfare DPA said that Korina is going to the US with her boyfriend, Sen. Mar Roxas, and their "somewhat secret" (according to the DPA) trip will surely generate rumors, such as: Are they getting married there?

Funny but it may be possible, added the DPA. I'm sure though that the couple's US trip may be something personal but it's not about, well, tying any knot, marital or otherwise. You know: why get married abroad when they can have an en grande one here?

I did some sleuthing and this is what I found out:

Korina is taking a well deserved two-week vacation and since Mar happens to be scheduled to also go to the US, they agreed to make the trip together. Korina will be in New York and then she will attend the most-sought-after Sun Valley Conference in Idaho, the same event attended annually by such bigwigs as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

No, Korina is not a participant but a guest of one of the participants - that is, Mar, who is the only Filipino invited to the event every year.

After the Sun Valley event, what?

The DPA was unstoppable.

"Anything can happen," he laughed.