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Mar, Korina Confirm Wedding Plans

Mar, Korina Confirm Wedding Plans
The Philippine Star
By: Aurea Calica with Joanne Rae Ramirez
April 26, 2009

Sen. Mar Roxas prepares to give a rose to his girlfriend, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, during a segment of the ABS-CBN noontime show ‘Wowowee’ where they confirmed their engagement yesterday.

MANILA, Philippines – Amid loud cheers and applause, Sen. Manuel Roxas II and ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez confirmed their engagement yesterday in the popular noontime television show “Wowowee” but the actual wedding date remained under wraps.

The festive mood was punctuated a few times when the senator shed tears while he and Sanchez were being interviewed by host Willie Revillame.

It was the first time for the couple, who have been together for five years, to talk about their wedding plans, confirming an earlier report by STAR Entertainment Editor Ricky Lo.

In a telephone interview with The STAR after the show, Roxas said he actually proposed last Feb. 14 in a resort in Cebu while he and Sanchez were on vacation.

He said he shed “tears of joy” as he recalled how happy he was when Sanchez said yes when he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Roxas said the announcement was unplanned but then he had no choice because the “ring” on Sanchez’s finger bared it all and that Revillame already put him on the spot.

“Nandun na kasi. Napaluha lang ako sa tuwa. Pero nagulat din ako, na-shock,” Roxas said.

Roxas disclosed he asked permission from Sanchez if he could reveal specific details of his proposal and got the green light.

Sanchez was a guest co-host at Wowowee, particularly for the segment “Willie of Fortune,” and while Revillame was singing a song for her, Roxas came out and then the couple was interviewed.

During the show, Roxas said he thought he would remain a bachelor forever but found Sanchez. Roxas, who will be 52 years old on May 13, has a son with a former girlfriend.

“Siya ang nagpatigil sa pagbibinata ko,” Roxas said, to the thrill of the audience. He said there were many others who were courting Sanchez and he had to fall in line.

Asked why she chose Roxas, Sanchez told Revillame that of all the men she’s known only the senator was true: “Kasi sa lahat ng nakilala ko ring lalaki, siya yung totoo.” At this point, Roxas suddenly cried as he said “thank you” to Sanchez, adding he was “touched” by her answer.

When the couple was given the chance to give a message to each other, Sanchez joked: “Honey, will you marry me?’

“Gusto ko lang sabihin kay Mar na kahapon, ngayon at bukas, iyong iyo ako,” Sanchez said, pledging love unbounded by time.

Roxas, for his part, said since they have been together for quite some time, he assured Korina his heart and mind were set on having her as his life’s partner.

Roxas said they would not keep the wedding itself a secret because they would want to share their happiness.

Revillame also asked the couple to declare once and for all if they had been engaged because there has been a lot of speculation as regards the wedding but no actual confirmation.

The misty-eyed senator narrated that the moment came at a seaside resort at night while they were holding hands, and that he confessed to Sanchez that “Honey, I want to formally ask for your hand.”

For her part, Sanchez said the proposal came as a surprise. But that if Roxas would wind up an old bachelor it was also likely she would become an old maid, so she never imagined he would actually propose to her.

Sanchez assured Roxas that if he asked her yesterday, today or tomorrow, the answer would always be yes.

Revillame shouted “mabuhay” and confetti dropped on the two as the traditional wedding song played.

Roxas donated 10 pedicab units as prizes for the show and when asked what he was planning to do for the country as president and his reaction to criticisms that Sanchez would be the one to run the country for being a toughie, he remarked that as much as he loves Korina and would not replace her with anyone, he alone would make the decisions for the country that would benefit the greater good, not least the common folk.

Sanchez is ABS-CBN’s chief correspondent, news anchor and host of a show every Sunday evening that features positive and light stories.

She also has a program on radio station dzMM.

Revillame said aside from their love life, he wanted to talk to presidential hopefuls in his show so he and the people watching him could choose well in the 2010 elections.

Roxas is the known presidential candidate of the Liberal Party and his wedding is said to be one of the boosters to his campaign.

But everytime he would be asked if he would ever tie the knot, Roxas had been stressing that he would get married “not for anything but love.”

He also said money would not be an issue because “I don’t have much anyway,” despite being a scion of the Araneta and Roxas families.

Roxas admitted he was in a daze and could not figure out what he should say although he promised to announce the wedding date as soon as it was finalized.

The senator, who recently survived a brush with death in a helicopter accident, was to announce the engagement on April 20 but deferred it due to the tragedy that befell Ted Failon, a close colleague of his fiancée.

Roxas announced to the tightly knit Araneta-Roxas clan during the Easter Sunday dinner last April 12 at the Araneta ancestral home in Cubao that, “I proposed to Korina and she has accepted.”

Judy Araneta Roxas, the senator’s mother and a big influence in his life, “was very happy,” Mar’s cousin, Veana Fores, who was present during the announcement, said.

In an earlier interview with The STAR, Roxas, who has never been married, said he is looking forward to having more children.

“I hope so. I love kids. I’m best friends with, aside from my son (Paolo Gerardo, 15), my nephews and nieces,” he said.

Of Sanchez, the future mother of the kids he hopes to have, Roxas said, “We’re in a very good place. We respect each other. We give each other a lot of room. We argue and discuss and when we fight we fight like hell and then it’s finished.”

“We’re very passionate about what we like, what we don’t like and what we believe in. It makes for very spirited discussion and debates but at the end… we’re… you know… I got her back and she has mine.

Sanchez is said to be in talks with designer Pepito Albert for her wedding gown and will take a leave from her work at ABS-CBN starting next month.

Senator, TV Anchor Confirm Engagement

Senator, TV Anchor Confirm Engagement
Philippine Daily Inquirer
By: Michael Lim Ubac
April 25, 2009

MANILA, Philippines -- A wedding in time for an electoral battle.

On national television, Senator Mar Roxas, a presidential aspirant, confirmed rumors on Saturday that he and ABS-CBN television news anchor Korina Sanchez are engaged.

Roxas popped the question while they were together on a secluded beach resort in Bacolod two weeks ago, and Sanchez said she could not say no to the man of her dreams and her “prince charming.”

“Honey, will you marry me?” said Sanchez, recalling on ABS-CBN's noontime show, "Wowowee,” her fiance’s own words.

Sanchez said she did not expect the marriage proposal to come that soon, but told the senator: “Gusto ko lang sabihin, kahapon, ngayon at bukas, iyong-iyo ako [I am yours yesterday, today and tomorrow].”

Roxas told show host Willie Revillame that the setting was perfect when he proposed to Sanchez.

“It was nighttime, you can hear the crushing sound of the waves. What I said was, ‘You know that we were meant for each other. I would like to formally ask for your hand in marriage.' Every time I recall that, I have tears of joy,” Roxas said in a mixture of English and Filipino.

“Honey, we were together for a long time. You know how I feel about you. Buong-buo ang loob ko, walang tanong sa isip ko at sa puso ko, na tayo na nga habambuhay [There’s no doubt in my mind and in my heart, it’s you and I for life],” he said.

The love-struck couple did not say when they will tie the knot, but sources said it could be held in October.

During the show, Roxas stopped short of declaring his presidential candidacy, but vowed to fight poverty and provide opportunity for all should he become the country's 15th chief executive on June 30, 2010.

Wearing a diamond ring, Sanchez was all smiles as she held the hand of the senator, one of the country's most eligible and richest bachelors.

The three-carat diamond ring is a family heirloom, passed from the clan's matriarch, Ester Araneta, to the senator's mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas.

It now belongs to the bride-to-be of the scion of the influential Roxas clan.

“We were together for a long time. I’ve been a bachelor for too long. I had thought that I would remain so until I met Koring,” said the senator.

Asked by Revillame what qualities endeared her to him, he said, “What I know is I love her. She is the only one that put an end to my days as a bachelor.”

Sanchez said that compared to the men in her past relationships, “He’s the only one who’s sincere.”

At this point, he kissed her on the cheek even as he shed tears. She wiped his tears to the delight of the crowd at the studio.

Asked why he was crying, Roxas said he was “touched by what she said.”

Sanchez admitted that she had thought that this moment would never come -- that she would be single for life.

Shifting to politics, Revillame asked Roxas to comment on insinuations that Sanchez would be the one running the country if he ran and won the presidency.

“I love Korina. I really, really love her. She’s irreplaceable, but I will be the one making decisions. My dream is just like your dream, our dream -- that we can have a country that will provide equal opportunity to ordinary Filipinos. Equality for all,” said Roxas.

The interview ended with Revillame shouting, “Mabuhay!” as the bridal march played in the background.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sen. Mar and Korina Announce Their Engagement On Wowowee

Sen. Mar and Korina Announce Their Engagement On Wowowee
April 25, 2009
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Part 1 :

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Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez, Engaged!

Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez, Engaged!
Report from : SNN
April 23, 2009
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Mar-Korina Wedding Set!

Mar-Korina Wedding Set!
The Philippine Star
By: Ricardo F. Lo
April 16, 2009

As you must have noticed, there’s no question mark in today’s headline, just an exclamation point. Yes, it’s definite: Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez are getting married before the year is over — yes, very soon!

According to Funfare’s unimpeachable DPA, Mar is being “traditional” with the whole thing, starting with informing the Roxases and the Aranetas about the long-delayed wedding, followed by a pamanhikan with Korina’s siblings (both Korina’s parents are gone) anytime next week.

No date has been set for the wedding which promises to bring together bigwigs from both politics and showbiz, and the business sector as well, since it will, although informally, signal the start of Mar’s march to...Malacañang? In fact, he has already taken the initial bold step as shown by the TV plugs showing him driving a tricycle while encouraging the kids to pursue their dreams. Mar is definitely running for President in 2010, with Korina beside him during the grueling campaign.

Yesterday morning, Korina was with the Araneta-Roxas clan during the wreath-laying ceremonies at the tomb of President Manuel Roxas at the North Cemetery, marking his 61st death anniversary. (Roxas was the first president of the independent Republic of the Philippines.)

“It’s Korina’s first time to be seen in public with the clan, although she has been joining the family gatherings,” said the Funfare DPA. “The Aranetas and the Roxases treat Korina as a member of the family. When Mar met the movie press at a post-Christmas party last January at the White House (Bahay na Puti, the Aranetas’ sprawling residence in Cubao, Quezon City), he was joined by his mom, Judy Araneta-Roxas, his sister Ria Roxas-Ojeda, his cousins... and Korina.”

The wedding is anti-climactic. Since they started going steady a few years ago, there has been continuous speculation that Mar and Korina would eventually end up at the altar. But neither of them confirmed it — until Monday when Mar will make an “important announcement.”

Stay tuned for further details.

Mar, Korina Tying The Knot Soon?

Mar, Korina Tying The Knot Soon?
Studio Whispers

Ethel Ramos

Will wedding bells finally peal for Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez this year?

It looks like it, said a source close to Korina. "I heard she is set to make an important announcement anytime this week about her and Senator Mar," he revealed. "It could be tungkol sa kanilang wedding, which is about time, ‘di ba?"

Our informant said he heard whispers about the big event at the death anniversary celebration of President Manuel Roxas, Senator Mar’s grandfather, where all members of the Roxas and Araneta families were present. Korina, of course, was with Senator Mar.

"Sa mga gatherings ng mga Araneta," our source further stated, "Korina makes her presence as indiscreet as possible. You wouldn’t think tuloy, kung hindi mo siya kilala, that she is a powerful force in media.

"But there’s no doubt that Senator Mar’s family is already considering her as part of the family. No wonder that she feels most at home with them, especially with Senator Mar’s mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas."


Kris Aquino somehow had a hand in the Senator Mar-Korina romance.

Remember that time when Kris and Korina were very close? They even had a show together and endorsed the same beauty product.

In any case, at that particular time, a number of people were trying to match Kris with Senator Roxas. Kris, though, was in love then with someone else (not James Yap, her husband).

Since Korina was loveless at that time, Kris played cupid to Korina and Senator Mar.

It was smooth sailing for Korina and Senator Mar henceforth. But marriage, which people have long been expecting, has yet to happen.

But as the Tagalog saying goes, "Pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy." The happy ending we all hope for the Senator-Mar and Korina tandem may be, like in the movies, finally coming true.