Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mar and Korina At The Centennial Celebration For Sarabia Optical

Mar-Korina Photo
The Philippine Star
March 11, 2006
The Pepper Mill
By Pepper Teehankee

Senator Mar Roxas and the lovey Korina Sanchez

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Centennial Celebration For The Famous Sarabia Optical
Manila Bulletin
April 6, 2006
Celebrity World

The Sarabia clan celebrated recently the centennial year of the country's pioneering Sarabia Optical with a very elegant and intimate cocktail party. The event was held at the Ayala Museum.

The program was hosted by Ms. Korina Sanchez who, in the course of her chore during the lighting of the 10 candles signifying the 10 fruitful and memorable decades of the history and growth of Sarabia Optical, special-mentioned two of the candle-lighters, Senator Mar Roxas and Dr. Vivian Sarabia, as "two people very close to my heart."

Monday, April 10, 2006

What Korina Says About The Albertito Lopez Statement

Former Ilo-Ilo congressman Albertito Lopez, in an interview with Sun Star Ilo-Ilo, endorsed Sen. Mar Roxas for president but he also urge the good senator to stay away from his current girlfriend ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez. Contacted for comment by the newsblog (via Kryzzle of K2K YG), Miss Korina has this to say regarding this matter:

"Thank you very much for your concern regarding the interview with Mr. Albertito Lopez.

Don't worry, as I am not. Yes, it is shocking that such words could come out of anyone, especially a supposedly educated man such as he is. It proves to us that wealth and a surname do not speak of the quality of a man. Still I remain magnanimous because Mr. Lopez did himself the disservice. From what I gather he is not taken seriously by most so why should I? Although what he was quoted as having said is indeed libelous why should I waste my time pursuing it in court? The horror stories circulating about him are enough vindication.

In the meantime rest assured that all is well with Mar and me."

In another email to the newsblog moderators, Miss Korina has this to add:

"Mr. Albertito Lopez, as far as I know, has no say in what goes on in ABS-CBN. He is an uncle of the owner, Mr. Gabby Lopez. But that's about it. If it is true the former congressman said such things then it is lamentable because while he speaks of decency he is a premier violator of the common, most basic notion of what the word means."