Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Senator Roxas, Korina Wow Tanauan, Leyte

Korina Sanchez and Sen. Mar Roxas

Tacloban City (September 30) -- The Senator Mar Roxas and well known television personality Korina Sanchez tandem was a great sensation as they wowed the people of Tanauan, Leyte who attended the Alay Lakad activity early September 30.

Senator Mar Roxas was scheduled to be the keynote Speaker in the said activity but the people of Tanauan didn't expect that he will bring a bonus in the person of Ms. Sanchez, Mayor Roque Tiu of Tanauan said.

The youthful Senator and Ms. Korina came all the way from Manila arriving at 6:50 in the morning just to be able to join the Alay Lakad activities.

His mere act of waking up early in the morning, is enough to endear him to the people, a not so young Alay Lakad participant said. His bringing along Korina made him a big hit to the people.

Lakad Bayan Para sa Kaunlaran is this year's theme for the Alay Lakad Program, Mayor Tiu said. This is a fitting theme as the Alay Lakad is a walk for a cause activity, particularly to raise fund that would benefit the out of school youth of the municipality so that they will be given the opportunity to become productive citizens of the community, Mayor Tiu added.

Aside from Tanauan, the duo will also join the Alay Lakad activities in Tacloban City and Tabon-Tabon where thousands of people also awaited for them.

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Photo: Official Website of the Municipality of Tanauan, Leyte

Korina Sanchez and Sen. Mar Roxas

Together with Senator Roxas, flying it very early Sunday morning to Tacloban and driving to Tanauan, is his beautiful lady love, Ms. Korina Sanchez, a well-known television personality, whom he thanked for accepting his invitation to join him in his visit to Leyte.

Senator Roxas jokingly said that she willingly joined him because she knows that there are many beautiful ladies in Leyte.

From Tanauan, Senator Roxas and Ms. Korina motored to Tacloban City Convention Center and to the municipality of Tabon-Tabon where they were welcomed by Mayor Alfred Romualdez and Mayor Rusty Balderian, respectively.