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Mar: If I Had My Way, The Wedding Will Be Tomorrow

Mar: If I Had My Way, The Wedding Will Be Tomorrow
The Philippine Star
By: Joanne Rae M. Ramirez
June 30, 2009

Weddings really have a way of upstaging more pressing political issues and easily become more riveting than a Senate inquiry.

Love and fairy tales sell, and when Prince Charles and his 20-year-old bride Lady Diana Spencer wed in 1981, 750 million people on earth watched the ceremony on television. And when Judai and Ryan wed, they sold reams of newsprint and hours of television prime time.

Cameras may be trained on Sen. Mar Roxas II as he denounces Con-Ass and the aborted Dep Ed noodle-feeding program, but cameras are trained on him longer, and the viewer’s attention span is definitely longer, when he’s professing his undying love for Korina Sanchez on national television. That’s how the television audience is wired.

Thus, at last Thursday’s opening of the photo exhibit “Men Who Matter,” of People Asia magazine, people swarmed around Roxas with questions ranging from surveys (He’s upbeat with the surveys) to wedding dates.

“If I had my way, the wedding will be tomorrow,” Mar told Allure assistant editor Büm Tenorio Jr. when the latter asked him about the wedding date.

Later, Mar would tell People Asia publisher Babe Romualdez and this writer that the wedding month is now a toss-up between October, because it is supposedly a lucky month (and Korina’s birth month), and December, which the fashionistas prefer.

“I leave it all up to Korina, because she jokes that after the wedding, all the planning will be left up to me,” Mar laughed.

“I never thought you’d get married, Mar,” Babe teased Mar.

“I never thought I’d get married, either,” answered Mar, adding, “but I’m very happy I decided to.”

* * *

In an exclusive interview with People Asia that will come out in a special edition very soon, Korina told this writer that the wedding ceremony will take place in a big church (the guest list is expected to be long), most probably Baclaran Church in Parañaque, or the Sta. Monica Church in Capiz, Mar’s home province.

“We are choosing a church big enough and symbolic enough of Filipino spirituality. Baclaran Church is a frontrunner because it represents hope, aspiration, faith and answered prayers. It still depends on logistics, though. I’ve just been to Capiz and saw the beautiful facade of the old Sta. Monica Church. How beautiful to get married there. But it’s so inconvenient for most to have to travel. I wouldn’t want guests silently cursing Mar and me because they had to go (laughs). Baka malasin!” Korina said.

“The food and flowers of the wedding and reception will be by Margarita Fores, Mar’s cousin,” Korina told People Asia, which pinned Mar and her for a second cover pictorial in the magazine’s 10-year history. “Other events will have flowers by Biboy Arboleda of Roberto Antonio’s. We’re thinking, all of the best from the different regions of the Philippines — flowers from Davao, lechoneros brought in from Cebu, laing prepared in Bicol, curacahas from Zamboanga, mangoes from Guimaras, fabric from Laguna. It’s pretty exciting!”

The first Mar and Korina issue of People Asia, which hit the stands in July 2004, continues to be the magazine’s all-time bestseller. Both the first and second photo shoots took place at the Araneta compound in Cubao, with the second cover photo taken by Mark Nicdao. The People Asia staff observed that the couple was more relaxed now than in their previous photo shoots (even the solo ones).

Korina also revealed that her gown, by long-time friend Pepito Albert, will definitely be “simple, simple.”

“Pepito keeps saying, ‘Korina, I do not want you to look like you’re dying to get married. Simple, simple... you are not in your twenties, for Pete’s sake’!”

Both Mar and Korina hope to be blessed with a child.

“ I love children,” Mar says. “My son Paolo is my best friend.”

In fact when I asked him what he thought his greatest accomplishment is, Mar answered, “My son.” Paolo, 15, is said to be a well-adjusted, straight-A student.

And where will the couple live after their wedding?

“In Cubao,” answered Mar, who has his own house in the sprawling Araneta compound in Cubao. “Then we’ll probably build a house later.”

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Mar & Korina Seal It With A Kiss

Mar & Korina Seal It With A Kiss
The Philippine Star
By: Ricardo F. Lo
June 23, 2009
Sen./Presidentiable Mar Roxas and fianceé Korina Sanchez on The Buzz… Photos By: Girlie Rodis

The kilig continues. After exchanging “I love you’s” a few weeks ago on Wowowee and going through the traditional rites of the pamamanhikan last June 14, Sen./Presidentiable Mar Roxas, 52 (May 13, 1957), and his ladylove Korina Sanchez, 45 (Oct. 5, 1964), made yet another PDA (as in Public Display of Affection, ehem!) in last Sunday’s anniversary edition of ABS-CBN show The Buzz.

To the cheering studio audience and perhaps those watching the show at home, the couple sealed it with a kiss.

It was actually an advance shower-on-the-air for Korina who accepted (willingly!) Mar’s marriage proposal during the pamamanhikan held at the Sanchez home in Merville Park, Parañaque City. Members of both the Araneta (Mar’s maternal side) and the Roxas families were accounted for, including Korina’s high school and college friends who later viewed a videotape of the proceedings over dinner.

The pamamanhikan was highlighted by a Balagtasan. Then, Mar serenaded Korina with the song Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Iyong-Iyo Ako, specially composed by Vehnee Saturno as the couple’s theme song after Vehnee saw them together on Wowowee. With both Korina’s parents gone, only her three brothers were around to give Korina’s hand away in marriage.

Preparations for the wedding are now in full blast even if no date has been set yet. So far, only one is listed as probable principal sponsor, none other than Red Cross lady Rosa Rosal. Pepito Albert will design Korina’s wedding gown and Carey Santiago of Cebu Korina’s despedida de soltera gown. Patrice Ramos-Diaz will collaborate with Pepito for the entourage. The wedding is “Filipino-inspired.”

Baby James, son of Buzz host Kris Aquino and James Yap, will be the ring bearer. It was reconfirmed by Korina on The Buzz last Sunday. The couple’s guesting also served as a “reconciliation” between Korina and Kris who felt “bypassed”/”overlooked” when Korina and Mar made the announcement of their engagement on Wowowee instead of on either The Buzz or SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), the other show Kris is co-hosting (with Boy Abunda). Korina’s ex-boyfriend is Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Kris’ brother.

During the shower-on-the-air, Kris and Boy gifted Korina with a negligee dotted with hearts and Mar with a pair of boxers also full of hearts, wishing Mar and Korina to have “a little Mar” and/or “a little Korina” soon after they get married before end of the year.

Not shown on the screen but caught fleetingly by the camera was Mar’s 15-year-old son Paolo who was spending Father’s Day with his dad. Paolo, who studies in an exclusive school, lives with his mom (a former Bb. Pilipinas) and visits his dad regularly. He calls his future stepmother “Tita Korina.” Father and son had lunch and spent the whole day together, minus “Tita Korina.”

You can be sure that the “kilig” factor will figure prominently when Mr. and Mrs. Mar Roxas embark on the campaign trail early next year for the tightly-contested presidential race.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rated K: One Moment Seals The Deal

Rated K: One Moment Seals The Deal
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Take Five
June 17, 2008
MANILA, Philippines—Bride-to-be Korina Sanchez answers some sizzlers about herself, her fiancé Sen. Mar Roxas, last Sunday’s pamanhikan and... uh, are they preparing for a wedding or a presidential campaign?

What, to you, would be the perfect wedding?

The groom shows up. Haha!

The perfect wedding is... when bride and groom say their vows, knowing what the words truly mean, and their hearts connect—oblivious to whoever else is [there]. That one moment is all it takes to seal the deal of a literal lifetime. Understanding the meaning of that moment and committing to it not only makes for a perfect wedding but is key to a perfect marriage. People, especially women, have to concentrate on what marriage means, rather than how perfect the wedding should be.

More and more big celebrities like you and Mar are opting for very private, or at least very exclusive, ceremonies. Why are you inclined to have yours in Quiapo or Baclaran?

Mar and I haven’t really discussed the church. But I’d like it [to be one] associated with the masa. When the public got wind of our engagement, I was astounded as I was overwhelmed by their joyful response. Everywhere I went around the country, ordinary folk, kids, grandmothers would scream, “Kahapon, ngayon at bukas, iyong-iyo ako!” That was my reply to Mar when we made the announcement on “Wowowee.” Even Mar says people never fail to ask him, “Kailan ang kasal??”

It’s just unbelievable. Maybe it’s good news that people crave and latch on to. It tells me that the public should be part of this. After all, Mar is the product of a historic 20 million votes. My entire career is built as well on people’s trust in me as a journalist, commentator and news presenter. Every couple has the right to make their wedding as secret or public as they want.

Gift-giving is part of the pamanhikan tradition. Did you get something special from Mar and his family to mark the occasion?

Hahaha, no. No gifts. He told me they thought about it, but decided it would be too unbelievably traditional. Mar joked, “Dapat ba nagdala ako ng kalabaw?” It was enough that his entire family, from both the Roxas and Araneta sides, came to [my parents’] home. I was very touched. I was expecting only his immediate family but even the kids came! They were very warm towards my brothers and [my brothers’] kids. That is more than enough of a gift of goodwill to me and my family. You know, we are orphans. Both my parents, Ramon and Celia Sanchez, passed away in 2004. I miss them now, more than ever. Ang mga magulang natin ang mga totoo nating kakampi sa buhay na walang hinihinging kapalit. I’m certain they are both very happy, [wherever] they are now.

Cheesecake a la Korina was on the menu. What other dishes are you known for?

I’m flattered that my captive audience liked my cheesecake. My high school and college buddies loved it [though]. It’s just an Osterizer cookbook recipe that I improved on, haha! My mom [left behind] a handwritten collection of all her recipes, food we grew up loving and still love to this day. She gave each of us siblings a copy. My mom was a very good cook. She didn’t study formally; she just had it in her and could mimic and innovate just from tasting. The family recipes I love most, and which my friends keep requesting, are the callos thickened with cheese and cooked with meat and spicy olives (the guests last Sunday loved that, too); mazapan de pili, for which we grind our own pili nuts and mix them with potatoes and kondol and lots of butter. We also served that. I also like our mechado and kare-kare, as my mother is from Pampanga. Pero I have to concede na mas masarap ang kare-kare ng Lola Ester ni Mar. My mom also used to cook a mean yang chow fried rice and kaldereta, oh wow! I can cook these still— when I have the time or when I am challenged to prove I can cook. I used to cook all the time... but I have become so busy. Because of the recipes that my mom had the wits to leave to us, she is very much alive for us still, to this day.

You said on “The Buzz” that you were exhausted. But you look none the worse for it. Are you on any beauty routine? Is it true that you make regular trips abroad for a very special treatment?

Hahaha. I’ve only been once to a doctor in Singapore [who] is very much in-demand worldwide. I went for consultation [about] a lump on my right cheek. But he is quite pricey, so I have not gone back for the surgery that he recommends. Let the flaw stay! I am the most inconsistent with beauty routines. I just make sure I wash my face and take the mascara off with cream. And I am rebelling against having to actively fight aging. I work out, I eat less, indulge even less that that. I must say it is becoming an exciting challenge! But I am blessed that my parents both had good hair and good skin not prone to lines or sagging... they didn’t look their age even when they were well into their golden years. Pero darating din tayo diyan. Outward appearance is not the be-all-end-all. But, hey, I’m a girl. And I get into a better mood when I look in the mirror and like what I see. Nothing wrong with that — just don’t obsess.

Why haven’t you announced a wedding date?

Honestly, we haven’t fixed a date. It would be nice in December, but this depends on many other factors. We’re sitting down this week to figure it out. I didn’t realize so many things could happen all at once. Don’t worry, I’m an executive producer of ABS-CBN, remember? I’m trained to make sure the show goes on.

How much, or how little do you hope to spend on the wedding?

Mar is a conservative—in most ways. If it is not necessary, he won’t. He does not believe in excess and that is reflected in his lifestyle. He’s known for the rubber Timex watch, which he prefers to the Cartier that I insisted he buy for formal occasions. Hindi niya pinapansin yung Cartier niya. Sa restaurant, ayaw niya ng order nang order [kung] hindi naman mauubos. Ayaw niya ng nasasayang, ayaw niya ng OA o pakitang-tao. I imagine that, after I sit down with the wedding coordinator—his cousin Margarita Fores, who will do the food and flowers; and Veana, the censor/editor of the family, haha, Mar will be the one to say, “Why that when you can have this?” We’ll have to justify, and either he’ll say “Okay” or we’ll end up seeing it his way and trim, trim the cost. Oh, it would cost, but it shouldn’t be... of such ostentatious proportions that it would be insensitive to others.

Some people note that your wedding preparations look like a campaign, with you and Mar going around the Philippines in search of local delicacies/crafts. Would you like to address this?

Even a question can be an editorial in itself! Many times a question will be posed to elicit a reaction. But, this isn’t one of those questions. It is something we are prepared to answer because we understand why people ask.

It’s the farthest from the truth. You wouldn’t believe how many people ask about the wedding details, preparations... Wherever we go that is announced, the press will be there. We give in to interviews and photographs because it answers people’s questions. I don’t think newspapers, TV or radio programs will put on material that people aren’t interested in, to start with. I guess, we make it to those media platforms because people are interested and we are happy to share the information. We don’t say, “Vote for Mar.” We say, “We love the flowers from Davao.” Nothing political about that.

Have you had to deal with other criticisms relative to the engagement/wedding?

As with all things in life, people will comment, criticize. What I am focused on is what is important, what matters. That list narrows down more and more as you get older and, wishfully, wiser. Wala naman kaming magagawa kung natutuwa ang tao sa relasyong ito. But there hardly are criticisms, or maybe we are oblivious to whatever negativity is out there. We are too heartened with the happy response to this happy time for Mar and me.

Who will be your maid of honor or matron of honor? Who are the other names on your list of sponsors? Is the register equally divided between show biz/media and politics?

No names yet, really. Mar and I still have to sit down on that. But I imagine it will indeed be a combination. It will be an interesting mix. But Mar and I have been saying that, since we can’t invite the entire world, then we keep it as real as possible. We will surely start with immediate family and closest friends and then move outward through the layers. Kung puwede nga lang imbitahin mo ang buong bayan... Pero, siyempre naman, may hangganan ang budget. .

Speaking of which, will ABS-CBN have exclusive coverage rights to your wedding?

There are ongoing talks about this so I can’t say anything about that yet. But I believe all interested media will have a share of materials.

Mar says you’re fully in charge of the wedding.

Yes, please don’t remind me—he reminds me often enough! I was busy staying horizontal for days upon taking my leave from work—as if that could make up for more than a year of five-hour sleep days because of my late night news [program] and early morning radio work. Then I immediately went around the country for my tsinelas campaign and shooting for “Rated K,” the Sunday show that I am still doing. I left for Japan for “Rated K” and, when I came back, I had to prepare for the pamanhikan. Now we will sit down for the wedding. Names? Soon to follow.

What is the most romantic thing that the senator has done for you—so far?

This pamanhikan takes the cake, don’t you agree? I had never seen Mar, sing, dance and do poetry all in one night for anyone. The desposorio, pamanhikan and balagtasan made it so much more romantic. There is something about Filipino culture that makes it more heartfelt. May kurot sa puso. Sayang, sana napagsibak ko rin siya ng kahoy at napag-igib ng tubig, hahaha! Every woman to be married should have that chance to be serenaded the Filipino way—it’s wonderful! My last trip to Japan reminded me how important it is to move forward while keeping alive what is good from the distant past.

Surely you have full faith in Mar as the country’s next President. What kind of First Lady do you hope to be?

He hasn’t declared [his candidacy]. I’m itching to [do it] for him, haha! I tell people, “We shouldn’t give up on government, on this country, until we’ve tried Mar Roxas.” Guwapo pa! Actually, I know little about what a First Lady does. It must mean more than wearing pearls and carrying small purses. I’m guessing, that position becomes what you make of it. I have 25 years of solid public service behind me. That definitely can’t stop. But that’s getting ahead of it all. For now, what is important is that I am Mar’s Only Lady.

On Monday night, the blurb for a TV report on the pamanhikan asked if your were an asset t o Mar? Were you slighted?

I’m so ready for things like that. It’s Mar I’m sometimes worried about because he doesn’t like it when doubts are cast on his sincere intentions for me. [By nature] Mar is the type who thinks well of people. In contrast, having been in media all my working life, I developed a naturally suspicious mind. I am battle-scarred, but with good lessons learned. We’ve discussed this. He is always relieved when I tell him: “I know you love me and I love you. No one can convince me otherwise. Let them talk about us. Don’t you see? It [just] means... we matter to them.”

While I acknowledge that the association [with me] does help Mar reach people’s hearts, the electorate isn’t stupid. No political analyst can insist that our relationship is all that Mar stands on. It is irrefutable, what Mar Roxas has done for this country and, just as important, what Mar hasn’t done—as 20 million voters in 2004 knew—he never cheated, never lied, never stole from public coffers, never used his position to enrich himself. If not for all these, no association with any Korina would do him any good.

How have you changed as a person in the last five years?

The past five years have been an adventure, a challenge, a great difficulty, a thrill —all in what now feels like one breath. When my parents died, I inherited much responsibility toward my siblings. I’m the only girl. I’ve had to work very, very hard to bridge the lifestyle of my family before with current realities. I lost hard-earned money to a friend I trusted, which set me back quite a bit. I met Mar, fell in love, and my life was suddenly charted. “Rated K” was born and it has done so, so well. I won my Ka Doroy Broadcaster of the Year Award and New York World Festivals Awards for Best Report and Best Field Correspondent. Now the unimaginable has happened: I’m getting married. Plus so much more in between. You can’t not change after all that, huh?

It is not for me to say whether these have been for the better or worse. I’d like to think that my evolution hasn’t stopped—and won’t. I’d like to see myself simplifying, reaching for greater heights (not necessarily by popular standards), paying more attention to what truly matters: contribution to the greater good, helping, whenever I can and should, family, children, my personal development, health, peace... and what I would like to be a happy and productive life with Mar.

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Sen Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez's Pamanhikan on 24 Oras

Sen. Roxas asks for permission to marry Korina Sanchez
24 Oras
June 15, 2009
Video Courtesy of : www.gmanews.tv

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Mar, Korina Seal Engagement Filipino-Style

Mar, Korina Seal Engagement Filipino-Style
Philippine Daily Inquirer
By: Marinel Cruz
June 15, 2009

MANILA, Philippines – “I thought I’d be single forever,” Korina Sanchez, radio-TV personality, once told inquisitive entertainment journalists. ‘’Then the right person came along at the right time.’’

The right time for her came five years ago, when she announced on her (now defunct) morning TV show on ABS-CBN, ‘’Morning Girls,’’ that she was saying yes to a relationship. On Sunday night, the right person, Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas, formally asked for her hand in marriage in a traditional "pamamanhikan."

There was a three-hour program that involved much singing and dancing, and the groom-to-be was in the mood all evening for some good-natured ribbing.

Originally set June 6 but cancelled due to inclement weather, the “pamamanhikan”— when the groom’s parents visit the bride’s to seal the engagement— pushed through at the Sanchez home in Merville, Parañaque City. Since the bride-to-be’s parents had both passed on, it was Korina’s three brothers EG, Milano, and Mickey, who gave their blessing.

The Roxas family was led by the former Judy Araneta, mother of the groom-to-be. Mar is the grandson of the late President Manuel Roxas and son of the late Senator Gerardo Roxas.

A Mass was celebrated at 6 p.m. inside the 1,200-square meter property at No. 19 Florida St. Pastor Nomer Bernardino, former spiritual adviser of Korina’s mother Celia, gave an inspirational message.

The program, hosted by actor-comedian Epy Quizon, began at 8 p.m. Sanchez's nieces, Tyra and Maya, sang and played the violin.

Dinner was served under huge transparent tents that covered the lawn, around the bean-shaped pool. The tents were in anticipation of his off-key singing, Roxas jested.

The 52-year-old senator, dressed in a striped light-blue, buttoned-down shirt over black trousers, sang an old Tagalog love song to Korina. Comedians Tado and Jason Gainza accompanied Mar on the guitar.

The 44-year-old Korina, in a light-bronze sleeveless dress, joined in the singing. ‘’To keep Mar on-key,’’ explained a family friend who attended. Epy repeatedly reminded the audience, ‘’He’s a senator [not a singer].’’

Mar also recited a long Tagalog love poem for Korina and engaged in a “balagtasan” (debate in verse) with poet Jericho Tanig.

‘’Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow),’’ the wedding song— specially composed by Vehnee Saturno based on Korina's response to Mar’s wedding proposal on nationwide television— was previewed in a performance by ABS-CBN talents Erik Santos and Sarah Geronimo.

Later, the couple joined performers from Bulacan in a traditional dance, according to Korina’s friend, showbiz journalist Cristy Fermin. ‘’The guests threw flowers at their feet, and made a toast for Korina and Mar to have a good life together,’’ the journalist said.

Guests were served pasta, paella, and steak cutlets prepared by the Araneta-owned Italian fusion restaurant Cibo. "Callos," a Sanchez family specialty, and cheesecake from Korina's personal recipe were also served. (The four-car garage had been transformed into a huge kitchen.)

Korina's immediate relatives and close friends were present. The Araneta-Roxas clan members in attendance included Stella Marquez-Araneta, Veana and Margarita Fores, and Mar’s 15-year-old son Paolo, whom the senator introduced as "someone I am very proud of."

The engaged couple still did not give a wedding date, but said it would be before the yearend. The senator joked, ‘’Sinasabi ko nga kay Korina magtanan na lang kami. [I suggested to Korina that we should instead elope].’’

On Monday last week, Korina said in a radio phone patch from Japan that the wedding ceremony would be held at Redemptorist Church in Baclaran, Parañaque, or at the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila.

On the same program, Korina announced that Baby James, the two-year-old son of TV host Kris Aquino and cager James Yap, would be the ring bearer.

In an unconfirmed report, the couple is said to have asked former Philippine National Red Cross governor Rosa Rosal to be one of their principal wedding sponsors. Rosal was one of the guests at the "pamamanhikan."

Sen. Roxas Asks For Permission To Marry Korina Sanchez

Sen. Roxas Asks For Permission To Marry Korina Sanchez
June 14, 2009
Videos Courtesy of : www.gmanews.tv/

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‘Where’s The Popcorn, Honey?’

‘Where’s The Popcorn, Honey?’
The PhilSouth Angle

June 14, 2009
Senator Mar Roxas and wife-to-be broadcaster Korina Sanchez are all eyes on the court in Araneta Coliseum during the Wowowee Olympics as Roxas picks from a popcorn bag held by his girlfriend. Roxas will formally ask for Sanchez’ hands from her family today (Sunday) in a traditional “pamanhikan” at the latter’s home in Paranaque. The “pamanhikan” will get the Araneta-Roxas and Sanchez clans together to celebrate the coming wedding between the LP presidential candidate and the ABS-CBN news anchor.

Sen. Roxas Goes Old School In ‘Pamanhikan’

Sen. Roxas Goes Old School In ‘Pamanhikan’
Philippine Daily Inquirer
By: Christine Avendaño
June 14, 2009

MANILA, Philippines -- Senator Manuel Roxas vowed to bring not just the elders of his Araneta-Roxas clan but also a “mambabalagtas” (traditional Tagalog orator) for a traditional “pamanhikan” scheduled for Sunday night at the Parañaque home of his fianceé, broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez.

A "pamanhikan" is a Filipino pre-wedding rite in which the man formally seeks the hand of his girlfriend in marriage before his future in-laws.

Roxas told the Philippine Daily Inquirer (parent company of INQUIRER.net) on Sunday that everything was set for the "pamanhikan." As custom goes, the family of the groom makes the formal proposal of marriage. Once it is accepted, they sponsor a feast.

When interviewed on the phone, Roxas, who was having a haircut, sounded excited. The senator and presidential aspirant revealed that his “pamanhikan” would not simply be a dinner get-together between the two families.

He said he was bringing along an expert in “balagtasan” to make the gathering even more memorable for them.

“I really looked for a mambabalagtas and found one from Bulacan,” Roxas said.

Sanchez, who lost her parents several years ago, was to welcome Roxas and his family with her siblings, uncles and aunts.

Also joining the families’ get-together were Sanchez’s close friends and classmates, according to the 52-year-old Roxas.

The pamanhikan was supposed to have happened last week but it was postponed due to bad weather and the unavailability of some members of Sanchez’ clan.

A specific wedding date has yet to be set.

Roxas said that he was leaving it to Sanchez, who was consulting with a feng shui expert, to set the wedding date.

“If I had my way, I would want to get married tomorrow,” he said.

Roxas and Sanchez earlier announced their engagement in a top-rating noontime television show.

The public’s level of awareness of Roxas, a presidential aspirant, had improved since then.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Pamanhikan Time For Sen. Mar

It's Pamanhikan Time For Sen. Mar
The Philippine Star
By: Ricardo F. Lo
June 13, 2009

“This is it!”

And there’s no turning back.

You can’t blame Sen. Mar Roxas for gushing in an exclusive talk with Funfare about his forthcoming marriage to Korina Sanchez.

“Well, we’re in love,” said Korina, “and there’s no stopping that.”

So tomorrow (June 14) night, the lover boy will do the traditional pamanhikan (asking for the hand in marriage) at Korina’s home in Merville Park, Parañaque City.

The couple’s wedding plans were confirmed by Funfare in a “scoop” in early April. A few days after the story came out, Mar would have confirmed it in a presscon which had to be scrapped in deference to Korina’s dzMM’s Failon at Sanchez co-host Ted Failon whose wife Trina Etong was found dead (a confirmed suicide).

Three weeks later, Mar and Korina guested on Wowowee to finally confirm the Funfare “scoop,” holding hands as they did so, much to the kilig of televiewers who need just that kind of feel-good love story in economically-challenging times like this.

There’s no date for the wedding yet but it will definitely happen before end of this year.

Assured Korina, “We won’t keep it a secret. Mar is a publicly-elected official as the No. 1 Senator in 2004. And my work as a journalist has kept me very much in touch with the masa. I think there are many ways a couple can get married depending on what is most meaningful to them. To Mar and me, it is most meaningful to share our life at this point with everyone we owe our careers to,”

Pamanhikan may be a long-forgotten tradition to many but this pre-wedding tradition remains alive in many parts of the country — many more informal than most. Mar is doing a semi-traditional pamanhikan with his entire family both on the Araneta and Roxas sides by visiting the Sanchez residence.

“This is where my Mom and Dad’s dreams came true, in this Merville home,” said Korina. “My Mom built it with special events like this in mind. They would be truly smiling down from heaven if I held it here in the home I grew up in.”

Korina has three brothers who will join her in tomorrow’s pamanhikan (together with some ninangs that she has already chosen for the wedding) to receive Mar’s family.

To be held late in the afternoon, the pamanhikan will be strictly between the two families. In the evening, Korina’s family and closest friends from high school and college will have dinner during which they will watch the videotape of the Pamanhikan. Natives from Bulacan are invited to showcase a traditional pamanhikan complete with dance, song and, yes, Balagtasan (a poetic exchange expressing the undying love of the man to the woman). Mar will surprise Korina with a harana — Oops! It won’t be a surprise anymore!

“Naku,” laughed Korina, “I don’t know what he has in store but I can’t imagine him wearing a salakot with a guitar in hand. O, baka naman ganoon niya ako kamahal. Hahahaha!”

Inspired by the couple’s appearance on Wowowee, Vehnee Saturno has composed a song titled Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas, Iyong-Iyo Ako, a vow of love Mar and Korina shared with the public on the show. The song, which may be the couple’s theme song, is set to be performed also at the pamanhikan by choice artists who remain to be named.

Incidentally, it’s Pepito Albert who will design Korina’s wedding gown and Carey Santiago of Cebu the despedida de soltera gown. Patrice Ramos-Diaz will collaborate with Pepito for the entourage.

“It will be Filipino-inspired,” said Korina.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mar Roxas All Set To Seek Blessings of Korina Sanchez's Kin

Mar Roxas All Set To Seek Blessings of Korina Sanchez's Kin
June 2, 2009

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Manuel Roxas II is set to ask for the hand of his fiancée, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, on Saturday.

Roxas told reporters Tuesday that he will talk with Sanchez’ siblings and relatives over the weekend to assure them that he will love her “kahapon, ngayon at hanggang bukas (yesterday, today and tomorrow)."

“Ipagdasal ninyo na hindi ako mabulol at masabi ko yung tama sa pamilya ni Korina (Please pray that I won’t get tongue -tied and I will be able to say the correct words to Sanchez’ family)," Roxas told reporters.

Asked if he believed that his relationship with Sanchez helped in his good showing in the surveys, he said their relationship had been a public knowledge for a long time .

“Sino ba naman ang tututol na hindi nakadagdag sa akin ang pagmamahal ni Korina sa atin pero sa palagay ko hindi naman ganun kababaw ang mga kababayan natin. Siguro nakita nila ang laman ng aking puso at sinuklian nila ito ng dagdag na tiwala para sa atin (Who will disagree that Korina’s love indeed helped in my popularity but I believe the public is deeper than that. Maybe they saw the sincerity of my heart and returned it with their trust)," Roxas said.

The senator posted a five-percentage-point improvement in the recent Pulse Asia survey with 13 percent of the respondents rooting for him compared to only eight percent in February.

The survey was conducted from May 4 to 17 or over a week after Roxas and Sanchez announced on television their plan to get married.

Korina and Mar Reserved Negros Heritage Site For 4th Quarter?

Korina and Mar Reserved Negros Heritage Site For 4th Quarter?
by: Edgar O. Cruz
30 May 2009

There’s an unconfirmed exclusive reservation of"The Ruins," an old hacienda mansion in Negros, for the fourth quarter of this year. According to a STIR source, Sen. Mar and Korina will marry before the November deadline for filing of presidential candidacy in the 2010 elections, most probably by September.

Sen. Mar Roxas and fiancée Korina Sanchez have been frequenting Negros Province as the Aranetas are from Negros. Sen. Mar’s mom Judy is an Araneta. The Aranetas had their clan reunion in Negros recently with Korina attending the important family occasion.

The Ruins, on the other hand, had been declared a World Heritage Site. A recent visitor was President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.