Monday, April 12, 2010

Body Talk With Mar Roxas

Body Talk With Mar Roxas
The Philippine Star
By : Ricardo F. Lo
April 12, 2010


Sen./Vice Presidentiable Mar Roxas blurts out when asked by Funfare who wears the pants and who’s the “speaker” in the house (neither “upper” nor “lower”) and breaks into laughter.

Five months after he and Korina Sanchez tied the knot at their twice-postponed wedding in October last year at the Sto. Domingo Church...described as “The Wedding of the Year”...Mar seems to linger on honeymoon mode several months after his and his brand-new wife’s “intimate encounter” in Japan.

That Korina wears the pants and rules the floor (as she does in her ABS-CBN Sunday-evening show Rated K) is a joke, including his “Ask Korina” answer to some questions. Unlike her ABS-CBN colleague Pinky Webb who broke up with her boyfriend Edu Manzano when he decided to run for vice president (as Gibo Teodoro’s running mate) in the May 10 elections, Korina promptly took a leave of absence (as news anchor of Bandila, as required by the network) when Mar announced his candidacy, initially for president until he gave way to Noynoy Aquino as Liberal Party standard-bearer. That’s true love — unadulterated, unconditional, unselfish, selfless and generous.

So has Korina, Mar’s not-so-secret “weapon” (who is campaigning on her own, away from Mar and Noynoy) started throwing up and suffering morning sickness? No sign yet if Mar’s 16-year-old son Paolo (by a former Bb. Pilipinas) will have a little brother or a little sister soon.

Let’s “body talk” with Bise Presidente Mar Roxas...
Is another child forthcoming?

“I hope so, but there’s no news yet.”

How’s married life so far?

“I love it.”

How do you react when people say they won’t vote for you because they don’t like Korina?

“It’s their loss.”

Who wears the pants in the house?


Do you have time to have fun together with the campaign?

“Much, much less than we would want to, the other night we treated ourselves to French fries and Mr. Softee ice cream, I took out the car, she sat with me and we just drove to a drive inn. We’re pretty happy doing that, listening to music, driving up and down EDSA, eating French fries. I think it’s the quality of the time we spend together that’s important.”

How’s your sex life?

“Well, I was taught not to brag.”

Did you have an active love life when you were single?

“No, I was a monk, hahahahaha! Hmmmmm, I did have a good life. I loved them all and they all loved me.”

Name them.

(No answer. Ask Korina? Huwag na!)

Do you have a temper? What makes you angry? Does Korina have a temper?

“We all have tempers, sometimes, it’s just being tired, short-fused on other days, much longer fuse on some days. So, I think the secret is to sort of call a timeout.”

How do you cope with stress?

“I eat.”

What’s your comfort food?

“Rice, scrambled eggs, carne norte.”

How much sleep do you get for a night?

“Lately, not enough. Average is five hours. I can’t take a nap during motorcades.”

Favorite sleepwear?

“Just an old T-shirt.”

Do you snore?

“I usually fall asleep early so, ask Korina.”

Do you watch pirated DVDs?

“I watch DVDs whether they’re pirated or not, ask Korina.”

What was the last movie that you saw?

“There were so many during Holy Week. I use them as tranquilizer. I never get to finish watching them, though. This one will reveal that it’s pirated, Green Zone. I also saw Criminal Minds the series. It’s better than CSI.”

The last book that you read?

“I’m reading Bottom Billion now. It’s about the billion people on earth living below down, why they are trapped in poverty; and why, for example, having gold or silver or diamonds in your own country like in Africa becomes a trap. The other book is the autobiography of Leslie Stahl, a CBS news reporter. She is talking about Reagan, Bush, Carter and her years as a reporter in Washington D.C.”

What do you like most about yourself and if any what do you dislike?

“Ask Korina. My six pack abs which I don’t have. Hahahahaha! On the way home, I’m going to replay this entire conversation on my mind and say I could have said this in my speech, you know, always striving for improvement.”

How do you pray and what do you pray for?

“Let me tell you when I pray there’s a whole lot of ‘pleases’ in there — Please God, more ‘pleases’ than thank you’s. Hahahahaha.”

Who’s your role model?

“My father, of course.” (Yes, the late Sen. Gerardo Roxas.)

How’s your mom (Judy Araneta-Roxas) and what’s her role in your life?

“She gives the long view, the historical view which is quite important because it keeps your feet on the ground, it’s very valuable. She spends a lot of time in Capiz. Her specific assignment is to help our candidates challenge Jocjoc Bolante (chief architect of the fertilizer fund scam).”

If your life story were made into a movie, who would you want to play Mar Roxas?

“It would have to be a mini-series, hahahahaha! I don’t know who should play Mar Roxas.”

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mar The Technocrat Has Funny Side, Too

Mar The Technocrat Has Funny Side, Too
The Philippine Star
By : Aurea Calica
April 11, 2010

MANILA, Philippines - A technocrat through and through.

Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential bet Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II showed his “true colors” during a forum with The STAR editors, columnists and reporters.

Roxas admits he tends to over think, and after all the analyzing, he still ends up telling himself that he could have done better.

But the technocrat nevertheless did reveal a funny and playful side.

During the forum, he started to hum along with a Carlos Santana song playing in a videoke joint beside The STAR office.

The music grew louder as he was explaining a serious issue, and when he could no longer be heard, he decided to join in and sing along.

Roxas describes himself as “kenkoy” (playful) and down-to-earth, but admits he can be rigid and detailed.

Just as he answers questions logically and complete with facts and figures, he orders food in restaurants with specific instructions on how it should be prepared and presented.

Despite his high survey ratings, Roxas constantly asks people, “What else can they do (to us)?”

Even The STAR editors were not spared, as he probed for their reactions to and opinions of certain situations and scenarios.

He says he finds it difficult to be complacent, even with their lead in the surveys.

Roxas also asks questions and gives comments that may throw some people off guard, such as when he wondered why some women journalists wear sandals or even flipflops. He said women reporters should dress appropriately, and not wear sleeveless shirts even on warm and sunny days.

According to Roxas, his day now starts with media interviews and meetings.

Roxas said he had to divide his time attending to administrative concerns being the LP president while joining campaign sorties in the countryside.

Aquino and LP campaign manager Florencio “Butch” Abad had defended Roxas from recent criticisms that he was going on his own campaign.

Aquino and Abad said Roxas has to attend to party matters, such as their concerns before the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

“That’s about it, I don’t really have much time to unwind (these days),” Roxas said.

Despite the hectic schedule and arduous multitasking, Roxas said his health has not been affected.

In fact, Roxas said, he had been gaining weight since his wife, broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, had been feeding him a lot, and admitted that Korina didn’t like him to wear tight-fitting shirts because his tummy was beginning to show.

Since he could not work out the stress at the gym, Roxas said he compensates by indulging in comfort foods such as rice, scrambled egg and corned beef, and admits he “eats rice like a construction worker” and likes sweets like buko pandan.

“I’m Ilonggo, so I like my rice with some sweets,” he said.

Roxas admitted he was not really conscious about his diet and could sometimes engage in an eating binge.

His vitamin regimen includes “every letter in the alphabet,” but he said he would “swear on any Bible that I have never taken Viagra.” He does, however, take an aspilet every now and then.

“Every day I have bit of oatmeal and muesli in a Tupperware and I carry it around in the car to my meetings,” Roxas shared, but when other food is available, the oatmeal is left in the car.

When he gets the rare free time, Roxas spends quality time with Korina and his 16-year-old son Paolo.

His mother Judy Araneta-Roxas stays in their home province of Capiz more often now to help the LP’s local candidates. Roxas said she gives him perspective on issues as well as provides a historical view.

And how is his sex life? “I was taught not to brag,” Roxas replied with a straight face and a hint of a smile.

Having married late, Roxas said he “had a good time” as a bachelor who “loved” all his girlfriends.

He also said his growing up years were as normal as any adolescent.

Roxas said he could be domesticated and could cook, having lived as a bachelor in New York, where he worked as an investment banker.

He had to leave the private sector when his brother Gerardo Jr. died and he was called to continue the family’s legacy in public service.

This was what inspired him, he said, to push for cheaper medicine after witnessing the difficulties of getting sick in the country.

Roxas said he and Korina are both focused on the campaign now, but he gushed that married life had been good so far.

“I love it,” he enthused. “I also want to make babies.”

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Korina Campaigns For Mar In Alaminos

Korina Campaigns For Mar in Alaminos
Sun Star Pangasinan
By : Liway C. Manantan-Yparraguirre
March 30, 2010

MANAOAG -- “Mar can win the vice presidential race even without me. Kayang-kaya ni Mar kahit wala ako. Bonus na lang ako, may Mar na may Korina pa.”

This was Mr. Palengke’s wife, veteran broadcaster Korina Sanchez, said when she visited Alaminos City Tuesday for a palengke tour at the Suki Market.

She also attended a women’s forum where she met the members of the different women’s group of Alaminos City. She then proceeded to Calasiao town where they will have a video shoot for her Rated K program at ABS-CBN.

The wife of vice presidential candidate Senator Mar Roxas (Liberal Party) will have a break Wednesday morning from her hectic schedule before joining her husband in Baguio City where they will spend the Lenten season.

After her radio interviews in Dagupan City, she and her group will motor to this pilgrim town for a moment of prayer at the miraculous Our Lady of Manaoag.

Will she be praying for a baby or for the victory of Mar? Her supporters said it could be both.

Not joining her husband’s campaign sorties is a strategy for them to reach out more people and to cover more places.

“Usapan namin ni Mar na para mas marami kaming maabot na lugar, hiwalay talaga kami ng rota. After Central Luzon, nag-Mindanao ako. Ang bilin niya dito ako sa North kaya inuna ko ang Pangasinan,” she remarked.

“Dahil kilala ang asawa ko bilang Mr. Palengke, naging panata ko na kahit wala sa schedule ko, tumitigil ako sa palengke at nakikipagkilala sa mga tao. Meron kaming customized gift na apron para sa mga nagtitinda sa pelengke,” she added.

Korina, meanwhile, said the popularity of a candidate does not matter during election. “Popularity is not enough to get one into office.”

“Napatunayan na sa mga nakaraang elections, maraming artista ang tumakbo at hindi nanalo. Yong kalaban ni Mar, popular naman dahil matagal sa telebisyon pero tignan mo naman ang agwat ni Mar sa kanya halos 20 percent. Hindi nadadaan sa popularidad yan,” she added.

“I think the reason why angat ang mga numero ni Mar ay dahil na rin sa track record at sincerity. I think that is the most important thing,” she said.

Roxas was in Dagupan City last March 13. But he was not able to join Liberal Party presidential candidate Senator Noynoy Aquino and their senatorial bets when the group had campaign rallies in the cities of Alaminos, San Carlos, and Dagupan third week of March.