Monday, December 14, 2009

Korina Sanchez Excited To Celebrate Christmas As Mrs. Mar Roxas

Korina Sanchez Excited To Celebrate Christmas As Mrs. Mar Roxas
By : Fionna Acaba
December 13, 2009

MANILA, Philippines - Korina Sanchez is excited about spending Christmas with Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, their first as husband and wife.

Sanchez revealed that she is not expecting any gift from Roxas, who she jokingly described as "stingy (kuripot)."

"Ang ibibigay siguro noon ay pagmamahal o TLC (tender loving care). 'Yong mga libre pero meaningful. It's the thought that counts ika nga," Sanchez shared.

Sanchez said through the years that they have been together as a couple, one of the most important values she imbibed from her husband is humility by keeping a simple life.

She has given him extravagant and expensive gifts, but the senator has shown her that material things are not important in a person's life.
"Ako, natuto na rin ako mag-kuripot kasi hindi rin talaga siya mahilig sa mga materyal na bagay kaya hindi ko na pinipilit. Ako, honestly, marami na akong ginastos na sa kanya, 'yong mga mamahalin hindi naman niya sinusuot. “Binilhan ko pa siya ng mga relo, pero 'yung plastic at goma pa rin ang kanyang relo. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin niya sinusuot. Binilhan ko rin siya ng mga magagarang polo, hindi sinusuot kasi makati daw. Kaya sabi ko, ‘Hay naku, ayoko na gumastos.' Kaya susuklian ko na lang ang pangunguripot niya kaya kiss na lang ang ibibigay ko sa kanya.”

About observations that her beauty has bloomed and her personality became bubblier after the wedding, a trait the press described as “nagdadalaga,” she gave a wide-eyed look and laughed.

"Kasi hindi niyo lang ako nakikitang matigas na nagbabalita ngayon… puro pa-girl na lang ang nakikita niyo ngayon. Wala na rin akong komentaryo sa radyo kaya hindi niyo na nakikita ang bangis ko. Kasi wala na akong inaaway, wala na akong pinupuna. Pero sa totoo lang miss na miss ko nang awayin ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno," she explained.

"Maganda rin naman 'yong ganito. Walong oras na akong nakakatulog ngayon and I really welcome the break. And talaga namang girl ako by heart, nagiging tigre lang ako at nagiging lalaki lang ako 'pag nagbabalita."

The Children Have Spoken

The Children Have Spoken
The Philippine Star
By : Ricardo F. Lo
December 09, 2009

No, this isn’t a vote for candidates for the upcoming 2010 elections. This is a yearly vote of youth representatives nationwide for their most preferred personalities in show business, news, politics, sports, etc. for the year 2009. Thousands of respondents gave both their thumbs up and thumbs down on personalities who either inspire them or irritate them. But MTRCB chairperson Consoliza Laguardia said at yesterday’s annual Anak TV Awards that she promised not to announce the names of personalities who made it to the horror roll. Instead, these names were submitted to the various network heads concerned. Some names are constants in the yearly lineup while others dropped out this year to be replaced by new names.

The Funfare “roving eye” noticed that during last night’s awards, Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez, the popular radio/TV tandem of 20 years, must have missed each other so much because they chatted non-stop in their seats during the ceremony.

“Basta Tambalang Failon at Sanchez kami forever,” Korina was overheard joking. Asked about the prospects of returning to their No. 1 radio program over DZMM Ted quickly said, “She is just on-leave,” and to which Korina added, “Miss na namin ang isa’t-isa, hahaha! I really miss radio the most. I’m just totally myself in radio. It is freedom.”

In a brief phone chat, I asked Korina how she’s adjusting to her life as Mrs. Mar Roxas. She gave a sweeping answer.

“Many times it is so funny. My concerns are now more about the frisky rat in the ceiling than what Malacañang is up to. I’m Mrs. Santa more than Mrs. Roxas. I hardly see Mar who is parati nasa out-of-town. In between shooting for Rated K, I’m at home hurrying up my Christmas wrapping. Aalis kasi kami ni Mar for honeymoon Part 2! I’m officially on leave from all my platforms that have something to do with news and political commentary. Tama lang naman ‘yun. After May and depending on the outcome of the elections, I will be discussing with station management about what’s next. For now, I welcome the break from that daily pace. They think it’s about getting married. Actually, malinaw ang kutis ko ngayon because I get eight hours of sleep everyday, hahaha!”

Is she campaigning with Sen./Vice Presidentiable Mar?

“Nag-usap na kami tungkol d’yan. I am not a politician, I cannot be one even if I tried. I am a newsman and a commentator. Mahirap na tanggalin ‘yun after more than two decades training. So, I’m very choosy where I go, what I do. Kayang-kaya naman ni Mar ‘yan. Andun na lang ako sa bahay, hihintayin ko siya...kung hindi din ako nagtatrabaho.”
Incidentally, both Korina and Ted are included in the youth vote for Most Preferred Male and Female Personalities, the fourth for Korina and the second for Ted. Korina’s Rated K also received two other awards.

The Anak TV Seal Award is conferred by the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and Television on all the kid-friendly TV personalities and programs which are best examples for kiddie televiewers. The respondents in the survey are all children.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Korina Adjusting To Political Life

Korina Adjusting To Political Life
Sun Star
By: Kathrina Alvarez
November 30, 2009

ABS-CBN broadcaster Korina Sanchez was present when his husband vice presidential aspirant Senator Mar Roxas filed his certificate of candidacy Saturday morning.

Clad in blue shirt representing the color of Mar, Korina told Sun.Star Exchange that she supports the bid of his husband. She believes that the Mar’s political party—the Liberal Party—has a huge chance of winning most of the votes in the 2010 elections.

"If we’re talking about real change, then hopefully this country has a chance with them,” said Sanchez.

She said that she is still adjusting from performing the duties of a journalist towards the life of a politician’s wife.

Korina added that she is confident that Mar can pursue his campaign without her. “I’ll just watch you (Mar) from afar. I know he can do it without me anyway.” The couple got married on Oct.7