Sunday, December 19, 2010

Body Talk with Korina Sanchez

Excerpts from : Body Talk with The TV Patrollers
The Philippine Star
By : Ricardo F. Lo
December 17, 2010

This is the kind of story that requires no further introduction of the subjects.

We see the Power Trio of Korina Sanchez, Noli “Kabayan” de Castro and Ted Failon on the ABS-CBN early-evening newscast TV Patrol and don’t they look so lively, so healthy, so energetic, so “with it,” making you wonder how they do it?

Korina is happily married to former Sen. Mar Roxas, Kabayan is rumored to be separated, and Ted is a lonely widower who doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to marry again (not that he has been traumatized by the tragic end of his wife).

Trivia: Did you know that the triumvirate anchored TV Patrol more than a decade ago? They were broken up by politics, in a manner of speaking. Kabayan was elected senator and then vice president; and Ted congressman of Leyte but resumed his broadcasting job after his first term, teaming up with Korina on the dzMM radio program Tambalang Failon at Sanchez, only for Korina to quit last year (as per network policy) when Mar filed his certificate of candidacy for the country’s vice presidency a few weeks after they got married in October.

Free from the clutches of politics, they have regrouped to give TV Patrol a much-needed shot-in-the-arm.

Back to the opening question: How do they manage to look nice and easy despite the rigors and demands of the job?

Do you manage to take three square meals a day? What diet do you follow? What food do you always crave for?

Korina: I hardly get to eat breakfast. I usually sleep very late because that’s when I catch up on some “me” time. So, I wake up at 10 a.m. (I prefer to wake up at 8 a.m. ideally) and I scamper to start my work. Sorry na lang ang breakfast. But since I read about taking a piece of protein in the morning to jumpstart the body’s metabolism, the way my husband Mar does these days, I try to have slices of ham or egg boiled five minutes as my only breakfast. Lunch is only when I have a lunch appointment. Otherwise, I prefer to keep working. It is dinner that I think I shouldn’t be having anymore, but then sometimes I can’t seem to resist. I feel it is my “reward” for a hard day’s work.

With your busy schedule, do you have time to work out? How do you keep trim and fit?

Korina: When I go to the gym, I usually work out for an hour and a half three times a week. But when I stop, naku, I stop for months until I get back the habit. I do an hour on the treadmill, sometimes I go brisk walking to maintain a certain heart rate. Then I do weights for the arms and a bit for the abdomen. Lately, Mar got me into yoga. We do this twice or thrice a week. I like the principle behind stretching and strength buildup using my body’s own weight.

I don’t pressure myself weighing every day but I think weighing every week is important. Adding one to three pounds is easy to lose the next week. But once I add five pounds that’s when I have to start suffering again with a diet. So what I do is compute my calorie intake by the week instead of daily. If I can’t avoid or decide to eat a lot today, I’ll eat less for the next two days. It works for me.

Exercise is for muscle toning. To lose weight, you really just have to lessen intake.

How’s your love life and sex life (not ruined by your hectic schedule)?

Korina: My life is full of looooooove. Mar is more and more the greatest husband. Kung malambing siya noon, lalo pa ngayon. Maybe because he isn’t distracted by his political life these days, we have a lot of fun. We find more things we do together. We talk more and more often. We plan our life into the future more. Intimacy is more than S-E-X, you know. To answer your question, you’ll have to ask him, hahahaha! But I have to tell you that a “hectic” schedule doesn’t ruin it at all!

How much sleep do you get per night?

Korina: I am an eight-hour sleeper. When I don’t have eight hours, I don’t function as well as I should. Because of the Christmas rush I only get about six hours per night these days. It was worse when I was in early-morning radio and doing the late-night newscast. Wow, five hours of sleep every day is NO JOKE. I’m very happy with my schedule now.

How do you cope with stress? How do you relax?

Korina: Oh, women have many, many ways to cope with stress. Luckily, I never developed the habit of stress shopping, nor do I cut my hair for a new look whenever I am stressed. Some of my friends do that. I like going to the spa. But that can also be quite magastos. So I trained our help at home so I can have a massage whenever I need it. I watch my favorite movies or series marathon. I eat comfort food like tostadong tapa and rice with mushroom soup — wow! For major de-stressing I can even travel alone to an island with good amenities and do the beach. I dive and I exercise.

Are you and Mar working double time to have a baby? (One year na wala pa! Hehehe!)

Korina: Minamadali nga ako ng mga tao. Ayoko namang magpa-pressure kahit kanino about that. I was the one most likely to have the most children when we were in school. My friends know I adore kids. But as I got older I got more practical about having children, and my craving for a big family has waned. I still want to have a child or two and my doctor says I have to hurry. Mar and I have talked about this since before and we have a plan. Right now, I’m just getting settled with my new work pace and I’m looking for a comfort zone which I haven’t found yet. Stressful pa ang pagbabago sa schedule ko. But the plan for a child is there. Dadating din tayo diyan

Are you hypochondriac? How often do you see your doctor? How are your blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.?

Korina: I’m a firm believer in prevention rather than cure. Because there have been deaths from illness in my family I’ve become very conscious. I have regular yearly or twice yearly check-up of all vitals. Hindi naman hypochondriac. Pero may pagka-paranoid nang konti. Can you blame me? Hindi ako takot malaman kung ano ang makikita. Importanteng malaman agad kung anuman ang nandyan.

Since all three of you have gone through the rigors of politics, what’s the best lesson that you learned from the experience?

Korina: I was more of an inner-circle observer than actually being a politician — which I have resisted all my career despite so many invitations. One of the greatest gifts my experience in the recent campaign and elections has given me is clarity.

Many things are clear to me now. Mas malinaw na ngayon ang kinatatayuan kong mga prinsipyo. Mas malinaw na ngayon para sa akin kung ano ang isang tao, ang mga lebel ng pagka-totoo at pagpapanggap. It is clearer to me now what I value and what I can do without. Maikli ang buhay. I don’t want to spend a minute pretending if it isn’t utterly important that I do. May mga listahan akong humaba, may mga umikli. When it comes to work, the depth and breadth of this experience is very important as it is beneficial. Sinasabi ko nga na wala nang ibobola pa ang mga pulitikong ito sa aming tatlo dahil galing na kami diyan sa loob nina Ted and Noli. Ibang klase ang mga nangyayari sa bansa natin. But you can’t let these things change you for the worse. Lalo ka dapat magpakatatag sa tama at sa kung sino ka.

Who’s the TV person that you admire and why?

Korina: Well, because she is a woman, I like Christianne Amanpour. You know, her husband was very active and even had a cabinet position in a US President’s administration — while she kept her identity intact as a journalist. Kaya hindi ako naniniwala sa mga nagpipilit na dahil lang sa nasa gobyerno ang boyfriend o asawa mo ay hindi ka na puwedeng magtrabaho bilang mamamahayag. And it doesn’t have to take an Amanpour to prove that. Ultimately, credibility is determined by the public and not by a bunch of self-proclaimed guardians who say what is and what isn’t a journalist. Anybody with a camera or a Twitter account or Facebook or blog claims to be a journalist. Anyone with a pen and paper also claims be a journalist. You build your credibility with how you are, not necessarily with who or what some say you are. And if people believe you then you are credible.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Mar, Korina Grace Sinadya Sa Halaran

Mar, Korina Grace Sinadya Sa Halaran
The News Today Online Edition
By : Joel E. Capundan
December 6, 2010

ROXAS CITY – Former Senator Mar Roxas and his wife Korina Sanchez led the guests during the Sinadya sa Halaran’s parade of festival and other activities last Saturday.

The couple, joined by Mar’s mother Judy Araneta Roxas and his nieces, arrived on board a private plane to also attend the coronation of Sinadya sa Halaran Fiesta Queen 2010 Erica Roxas, daughter of late 1st District Rep. Gerardo “Dinggoy” Roxas, the former senator’s younger brother.

Erica was escorted by Vladimir Tanco, son of Gov. Victor Tanco Sr., during the coronation rites held at the Capiz Gym Saturday night.

Tanco and Mayor Angel Alan Celino welcome the Roxas clan to the festivities.